10 Fun Facts About FIFA World Cup 2022

by Anne B. Robinson

The much anticipated FIFA World Cup 2022 kicked off this weekend with hosts Qatar losing 2-0 to Ecuador. England played in the second match of the tournament, which left Gareth Southgate’s side victorious with a 6-0 win against Iran. Wales and the USA met in the third match for a 1-1 draw.

We can already see what an exciting tournament this is shaping up to be and with over 5 billion people expected to tune in from around the world, this competition is as big as it gets. The World Cup 2022 runs from November 20th to December 18th with loads of action crammed in.

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10 Fun Facts About FIFA World Cup 2022

Featuring 32 teams and some of the biggest names in international soccer, the FIFA World Cup is one of the world’s most-watched sporting events. Here are ten fun facts that you may or may not know:

Pickles to the Rescue!

Pickles, a black and white collie dog, became the hero of the hour just a few months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup event was scheduled to kick off in England. Using the exceptional gift of smell, Pickles tracked down the famous Jules Rimet Trophy, which was stashed under the hedge of his owner’s house.

Neither Scotland Yard nor the Flying Squad had been able to trace the precious cup, which had been stolen at night and was found wrapped in old newspaper and tied with string. Although the police initially suspected David Corbett (Pickles’ owner) might have been involved in the theft, charges were never brought against him.

Long Hair Just Won’t Cut It!

Footballers like David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo are classic examples of trendsetters, with fans unashamedly imitating their hairstyles or clothing. However, in 1998, two of Argentina’s football legends were dropped from the World Cup squad for refusing to cut their hair. Coach Daniel Passarella (nicknamed Kaiser), a strict disciplinarian believed that long hair made players lose concentration.

Unbridled Passion!

Big sporting events like the World Cup not only boost the host nation’s economy but can also have a staggering effect on the country’s birthrate. Take for example, the 2006 World Cup hosted by Germany. It was reported nine months following the tournament that the country’s birthrate had increased by more than 10%.

Forbidden Pleasure!

On the opposite side of the coin, coaches from teams like Spain, Mexico, Germany, and Chile will prohibit their players from having sex during the tournament, claiming that it is not only a distraction but also a waste of the player’s energy. Other team coaches will allow players to engage in sexual activity, but they must abstain from any ‘acrobatic’ sex.

Winter World Cup

The World Cup 2022 is the first-ever to be hosted during the winter months. Nestled in the Middle East, Qatar can experience extreme temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius, hence the reason to move the tournament from the typical summer months to winter. However, even in the winter months, Qatar experiences an average temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius.

Smallest Host Country

Qatar is the smallest ever country to host the FIFA World Cup tournament. The second smallest country was Switzerland in 1954. However, Switzerland is three times larger than Qatar. Interestingly, the host nation has never qualified for a World Cup, let alone played in one.

Alcohol Rises!

Fans love to enjoy a beer whilst the World Cup is playing. At the 2010 tournament hosted by South Africa, it was estimated that three million bottles of beer were sold during the tournament throughout the different stadiums. To counteract this, a staggering 390,500 hot dogs were also sold during the same time period.

Female Referees

For the first time ever, female referees will take part in this year’s World Cup 2022. Out of 36 referees, three have been selected. Salima Mukansanga of Rwanda, Yoshimi Yamashita of Japan and Stephanie Frappart of France.

Squad Numbers

FIFA has decided to increase the number of players per team by three to twenty-six for this year’s World Cup competition.

Seeing Red and Yellow!

During the 2006 World Cup Portugal v Netherlands match, a total of 4 red cards and 16 yellow cards were handed out.

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