10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Essay Writing

by Anne B. Robinson

Writing an essay is a great way to express your thoughts or ideas, and there are many ways to enhance your skills. As a student, writing essays has become a common task. This no longer has to bring on stress or anxiety. When following the tips below, all of your essays will flow smoothly and successfully communicate the topic assigned.

1. Target an Audience

Each essay you write should have an audience in mind. If the assignment does not clearly specify one, it is important to determine who you are writing for and why. This will give you a clear picture of how to organize your thoughts and how to best convey your message. Being specific in this way gives your article more structure, and the message will be clearly received.

2. Put It Into Your Words

Every person finds inspiration from other writers and essays they read, but it is essential to put the thoughts into your own words. Try not to be robotic or monotone because the tone of your essay matters. If you know that you are writing about a serious topic, be academic and studious. If the piece is personal, you can allow yourself some creative liberty.

3. Create an Outline

Making an outline to follow is similar to writing a draft. This should be a separate document that you can follow when you need to think about the structure of your essay. Highlight key points you want to make, and ensure that any details branching off of these points are included. This will keep you on track and allow you to know your thoughts are organized. No important points are missed when you have an outline.

4. Include Transitions

Moving from one idea to the next can be tricky, but the process becomes a lot easier with adequate transitions. These transitions are sentences or even words that allow the reader to follow along with your train of thought. They prevent the essay from reading as a choppy paper and can transform the quality of your essay immensely. A good way to verify that you have transitions in place is to read your essay aloud to see if it flows.

5. Apply Synonyms

Using the same adjectives to describe something can feel monotonous. Instead of repeating yourself, consider using synonyms. This will give your essay more variety and allow your writing to feel more dynamic. Your professor will appreciate the effort you put into your paper when you are sure to include a vast array of synonyms while using descriptive words.

6. Be Straightforward

An essay is similar to having a conversation with the reader. In any essay, make sure you are reaching your point(s) clearly. The best way to do this is by writing in a straightforward manner and providing all of the facts and details. This will give your essay more substance and showcase the most important points you are trying to make.

7. Write Actively

One factor professors look for is passive language versus active language. Writing actively means you are keeping all of your tenses present and the direction is progressing forward. When you write in a passive tone, this can take away a lot of the directness you are aiming for. Practice writing in an active voice, and double-check that you are using the correct tenses often. This is something many students overlook because it is very easy to confuse tenses.

8. Avoid Filler

Essays usually come with a designated word count attached, but this does not mean you need to fluff the paper will filler language. By doing this, you are showing that you do not know what else to say. Even if this is the case, try branching off one of your existing points or ideas. Create more transitions. This is going to get you a much better grade than filling the paper with jargon just to increase the word count.

9. Consult an Expert

If you are struggling with an essay and want the help of an expert, consider hiring a custom essay writing service. There are plenty of services that actually compose unique and comprehensive essays for you. After you give the team all of the details, you can rest assured knowing they will come up with a quality essay for you to hand in. This process also gives you an example of how you should model your own writing in the future. These services are designed to help you succeed and can set a great example for you to follow in the next time you have an essay to write.

10. Get an Opinion

Once the paper is finished, make sure you let someone read it before you turn it in. Having a third-party perspective is important because this individual is more likely to catch any mistakes or point out areas that need improvement. Take this constructive criticism to heart by using it to improve your essay. When you are looking at the same paper for a long time, it is easy to overlook simple grammatical mistakes or issues with sentence structure and tense.

While following these tips, you are sure to craft the best essays. Keeping all of the above ideas in mind, your words will have a place to shine and writing will no longer feel like a burden. Essay writing can be a great way to communicate your thoughts and expand on ideas.

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