4 Reasons Professional Termite Control Is Worth It

by Anne B. Robinson

Termites are some of the pests that homeowners fear. They can devour wood nonstop and lurk in the dark and behind walls. Keeping a clean home and yard isn’t enough to prevent them from invading your home. Moisture, hot and wet conditions, and gaps in concrete foundations are some factors that lead to a termite infestation.

Termites aren’t only attracted to wood but also moisture. Even if it isn’t raining, your home may be filled with moisture. For instance, there’s standing water close to your home, which is a result of a poor drainage system. Another example is moisture in your attic due to poor ventilation. Like moisture, termites love hot and wet conditions. Places like Arizona are prone to termite infestations simply because of the local climate. In fact, many kinds of termites are found in Arizona.

Apart from moisture and the climate, termites tend to live under concrete foundations, which are often moist and dark. So, if there are cracks or gaps in your foundation, termites will enter them to look for food.

Failure to get an inspection can cause a termite infestation as well. Termites can go unnoticed for a long time until you spot the signs. One sign of termites is scratching sounds in places where there shouldn’t be any. To learn more about other signs, you can check here or visit other helpful sources.

Although identifying the presence of termites in your home might be easy, getting rid of them won’t be. You can always try doing it yourself, but a DIY approach will only be a temporary solution. Therefore, once you’ve confirmed that there’s a termite infestation in your home, call in experts. Read on to find out why professional termite control is worth it.

1. Health And Safety

You can buy pesticides at your local store. However, you might not be aware of how to apply it properly or how it should be used. Some chemicals may end up in areas other household members frequently use. For instance, if you have kids in the house, they can crawl into spaces filled with chemicals. The same applies to pets.

On the other hand, when you hire experts, your family’s health and safety will be prioritized. Professionals know how and where to apply the chemicals. They can pick less harmful pesticides since they know what the negative effects are on your health.

2. Proper Equipment And Resources

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential when handling potentially hazardous material. If you opt for DIY termite control, you may have some but not all the necessary PPE to ensure the safe handling of chemicals.

Furthermore, termites travel far. Because the treatment you use may not reach their breeding area, you’re more likely to have a recurring termite problem. Aside from this, you might have a hard time searching for a specific area that needs to be treated. You’ll end up poking holes in your walls, floors, and ceiling just to find the area.

To prevent a recurring problem and damage to your home, hire experts. Pest control professionals have the necessary equipment to administer pesticides to tight spaces. They also have other equipment for treating underground areas. Plus, they utilize thermal technology to locate invasive pests without damaging your home.

3. Expertise And Experience

expertise and experience

Pest control companies ensure their teams possess extensive knowledge of pest behavior and breeding habits, as well as various treatments. For example, they know that termites and other pests don’t feed close to their breeding space, which means your home might be just a feeding ground. So, applying a DIY treatment, in this case, will not kill all the termites.

You can trust professionals to find the source and provide a long-term solution, such as edible products and termite barrier treatment.

4. Cost

A DIY termite treatment may be cheaper, but you’re bound to pay more because of recurring termite infestations. Poking holes in areas will only lead to replacement and repair costs that could have been avoided had you hired experts.

In contrast, a professional termite control company may charge high fees, but their solutions are long-term. They can get to the bottom of the problem and address it effectively.

It’s worth noting that some termite control companies can give you a service guarantee. Some may provide 30 days, while others can offer an extended guarantee period. If you have a recurring termite problem within this guarantee period, they can come and treat your property at no extra cost. Thus, your overall cost will be much less.


A termite infestation is a difficult problem to address on your own. Save yourself the trouble and hire experts.

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