4 Reasons to Jailbreak Your Streaming Device

by Anne B. Robinson

Streaming devices have allowed users to ditch cable, and embrace the full power of the digital and streaming revolution. That being said, without jailbreaking your device, you’re only getting access to a fraction of the real power you could be enjoying. There are tons of features, and a huge number of films, tv shows, games, and more that are locked behind various obstacles (both on your streaming device and apps) that you’re being unfairly denied access to.

Only jailbreaking and strong tech know-how can help you circumvent these unnecessary hurdles, and embrace the full range of digital and streaming tools that exist in the digital realm today. Still not convinced? Here are just four of the key reasons that you should be jailbreaking your streaming device in 2022:

1. Unlock Region-Based Content

When you pay for a streaming service, you assume that your monthly payments give you access to the entire catalog (as you should). However, many of the top streaming platforms splice up their content between different regions, greatly limiting your access to some of their best content. If you want to remove pesky region locks and start getting the most bang for your buck, you need to jailbreak your streaming devices and set yourself free.

Especially on Netflix, you’ll unlock tons of amazing content from around the world, and will more than triple the amount of content you’ll have access to. Jailbreaking may seem too difficult for the layperson, but thanks to handy guides, the process is as simple as one, two, three.

2. Manage Your Files Like a Pro

Streaming devices are often packed with many more capabilities, and much more power, than advertised. Not only can they help you stream amazing films and shows, but with the right tweaks, these devices can become a de facto home for files, media, and other content that you own. With amazing jailbreaking tricks and revolutionary apps like Kodi, you can create a truly customized and curated digital space where you can easily access and enjoy all of your favorite digital media.

Managing your files like a pro is not easy at first, but with the right amount of practice, you’ll easily find yourself navigating new digital frontiers as though it’s the most natural thing in the world. Many of the skills you’ll learn will be applied to more “professional” services soon enough, so it’s time to get ahead of the curve!

3. Keep Up With the Latest Hot Content

Aside from region locks on your current streaming platforms, there are also a fair number of apps, services, and other content providers that simply are not accessible on every streaming device. In an anti-competitive fashion, some brand-name devices have split up access to certain apps and services between them, making the customer pay the price. Thankfully, jailbreaking your streaming device can remove this pesky obstacle, and can allow you to download home-grown apps and services to your device as well.

There is tons of fantastic content and technology out there being made by individuals, as opposed to major corporations, and jailbreaking your devices is the only consistent way to ensure you have access to this cutting-edge content.

4. Stream Your Gaming Sessions

With the right tricks, you can use your streaming devices to easily stream your gaming sessions on your streaming devices. Whether you’re looking to get into the Twitch game, or you simply want to share gaming clips with your friends, jailbreaking your streaming devices remains the best way to do so. When you’re looking to get the most out of your devices, you need to take every action you can to achieve their maximum potential.

If you game on PC or MAC, the small size of the screen can minimize the otherwise-epic proportions and graphics that you’re enjoying, but with a jailbroken streaming device, you can bring these amazing images fully to life on your mega-sized plasma TV. Doing so will make you feel like you’re truly living in a golden age of media and entertainment.

Discover the Wild Frontier of True Streaming

Entering into the true expanses of the digital realm at your fingertips requires you to jailbreak your streaming devices. Doing so will make you feel like a modern-day nomad, and will help you expand your entertainment library in a way that’s difficult to fathom.

Once you’ve successfully removed region locks and other pesky obstacles, you’ll gasp at just how much entertainment power and selection you’ve been missing out on. It’s never too late to embrace the wild frontier of true streaming, after all.

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