4 Types Of Jewelry Styles Which Every Woman Should Own

by Anne B. Robinson

Different women have different opinions about different items of jewelry. But most of them will agree that certain jewelry items should be worn in the summers and certain the time of monsoons and so on. But some women who have a God-gifted body can make do with whatever items of jewelry are available at the moment and wear them and look their best.

With that in mind, let us talk more about what items of jewelry are suitable for wearing in monsoons. Sure gold chains do their trick, but apart from that, you need to remember monsoons or not special occasions like events, parties, and others have a certain different requirement.

Most women would rather wear a special unique item of jewelry than wear anything at all in special events. This is because women prefer to wear outfits and items of jewelry to throw every other person away by their sheer beauty. But that is not possible if you are wearing a mismatched item of jewelry.

So if you want to turn some heads at your next event, read below to find out about some versatile and fantastic jewelry items suitable for the current monsoon season.

1. Diamond Jewelry Items

Diamonds are among the most evergreen lots in the jewelry segment, and for one simple reason. Their texture and color make them that. You see, diamonds are available in various colors, and most of them are suitable for wearing in varied conditions too.

For example- Stacking diamond rings for women of different cuts and colors, along with a Sterling Silver blue zircon dress and a Tanzanite pendant, will look totally unique and awesome, but at the same time, if you wear the same black Diamond ring but with a Lapis Lazuli pendant and a simple pink Diamond tennis bracelet then that too will look awesome.

Such is the versatile nature of Diamonds. You can literally wear them with every other item of jewelry, outfit, and occasion. But remember to not overdo it and keep the Diamond engagement ring clean, or it may lose its luster over time. Meaning does not mix and match Diamonds since they are standalone and look pretty beautiful.

2. Simple Chains

Simple gold chains or Sterling silver ones, too, can sometimes do wonders, especially in these monsoon times. You can wear simple gold chains, a pair of Tanzanite studs, and a Strontium titanate tennis bracelet for an exclusive look. Remember, the end goal is to make yourself look as comfortable as possible without destroying your charm. Hence, do not try to overdo it, as the monsoons are already troubling you with extra knick-knacks like umbrellas, raincoats, and others.

But if you believe that a simple gold or Sterling chain isn’t gonna cut the cloth for you, then only you can mix it with Tanzanite pendants or other dark-colored pendants. Dark-colored because it’s the monsoons, so there is less sunlight; hence the dark color will add subtle contrasting elements to your overall look.

3. Pendants

While some women prefer wearing necklaces, some women prefer pendants. This is because, in pendants, the gemstone is beautifully highlighted, reflecting the true message women are wearing them want to send. Necklaces are also suitable, but if you need something to be the center of attention in your overall look, then pendants are the way to go.

For example, try wearing Tanzanite pendants and a Tanzanite necklace without other accessories in the same outfit. Or if you are a religious person you can combine necklace with diamond crosses, which will look amazing anywhere you go. The difference will be noticeable and highlighted too. But in the monsoons, both of them are quite difficult to manage. This is because, in the monsoons, you have certain other things to take care of, and wearing oversized heavy pendants or necklaces is not desirable. If you are riding a bike, then that’s another story.

So if you insist on wearing a big, bold statement necklace piece or pendant, then you should pack them up and store them in jewelry boxes so that you may wear them when you reach the event. Unless you are chauffeur driven or town car dropped, then only wear the necklace and pendant from home.


Monsoons mean more humidity, and that is always a troubling fact. Certain special protections are required in the monsoons, and you should try to wear delicate items of jewelry. But light does not mean the bare minimum. Rather light means a single pendant, single tennis bracelet, single ring, earrings, etc. Do not go overboard and mix and match to wear different items of jewelry.

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