5 Doomsday-Proof Solutions You Can Discuss in Class

by Anne B. Robinson

Doomsday preparation is a long-standing industry with various projects, forecasts, and solutions. And it is also fascinating, especially if you have enough time to dive into various theories and trends.

Doomsday prevention ideas have grown in popularity recently due to the pandemic, potential civil unrest because of overpopulation, and wars. It makes doomsday-proof solutions a great discussion subject for college students.

Want specific suggestions? We’ve gathered some that will definitely amaze you! Read on to explore these doomsday-proof solutions for future discussion.

1. Dogen City

It is a Japanese project of a city able to withstand the apocalypse. The city will be able to host about 40,000 people. The design is very ergonomic to save as many resources as possible. It is a circular floating city with all necessities, including:

  • Living areas;
  • Sports fields;
  • DNA banks;
  • Greenhouses;
  • Data centers;
  • Research centers;
  • Hospitals, etc.

The idea is to create a self-standing city to survive any known disaster. A lot of energy-consuming areas are going to be underwater. It will use water as a natural way of cooling those facilities down.

N-Ark is the company behind Dogen City. It believes the fundamental parts will be ready by 2030 (housing, food, medical, electrical, and informational services). Other features will be developed gradually on top of those. If you lack for research the time due to other college responsibilities, you may wonder, “Can you do my assignments on Assignmentmaster ASAP?” Just turn to professional academic help platforms, and the disaster is prevented.

2. Trident Lakes

It is a project developed in Texas by Vintuary Holdings Corporation. It is a solution designed only for wealthy elites. That’s why it looks more like a luxury resort, even on plans.

At the same time, it should withhold any potential apocalyptic scenario, from pandemics to nuclear attacks. Security is among the top priorities in the Trident Lakes. It covers:

  1. The 13-foot wall around the area;
  2. Two security watch towers;
  3. Private security force;
  4. Private airstrip.

Also, the territory has an air purification system and a tunnel system. There is food, water, and electricity supply for residents as well. There is a DNA vault too.

Overall, about 2,000 people can live here in luxurious properties. But not everyone can buy one – there is a rigorous process to get accepted. The reason is that the future community will need people with various skills and competencies to survive.

3. Vivos

Vivos builds an international network of bunkers and shelters. They already have locations in the US and Germany. The most extensive current system is xPoint in South Dakota, with 575 private bunkers. Unlike the previous one, it is relatively affordable – about $35,000 a pop. However, the prices range depending on the size and amenities in a bunker. There are luxurious ones too.

According to Vivos, xPoint can host 6,000-10,000 people. The ready-to-use bunkers can be a safe place in the face of almost any disaster, namely:

  • Nuclear explosion;
  • Biological/chemical disaster;
  • Pandemic;
  • Tsunami;
  • Earthquake;
  • Asteroid strike;
  • Volcano eruption, etc.

People can buy a shelter, stock it with all the necessities, and join the community of doomsday preppers.

4. American Heritage Farms

This project is less popular than previous ones. Yet, it offers an interesting field of discussion. It is based on creating a farming community that can protect its grounds with guns. Indeed, it is located in the US.

It has a safe place for members in case of doomsday. The location of this facility is secret. And there is also a semi-organic and fully sustainable farm.

The housing includes a private underground shelter, 2-year stock of food and essential resources, advanced security, and medical services.

5. Rising S Company

It is another interesting perspective on doomsday preparation. It is a Texas-based company that designs and develops customized bunkers for people. They can create solutions based on your needs, specifications, and budget. They can also install it whenever you want.


These different projects showcase various topics of doomsday discussion – who will be able to reach a shelter and how protective the shelter will be. There are also questions of durability and sustainability. Choose what resonates with you – and good luck with your class discussion!

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