5 Reasons Truck Accident Cases Can Be Complicated

by Anne B. Robinson

Chicago’s dense urban environment and its position as a major transportation hub can contribute to truck accident risks. The city records thousands of trucking accidents annually, an all-to-tragic outcome. The data paints a grim picture. According to the latest numbers, there were 12,267 accidents involving semi-trucks. Of those collisions, 2,075 were the cause of injuries; Tractor-trailers were in 122 fatal accidents. In those fatal crashes, only 19 occupant deaths were inside the semi-trucks.

Truck accidents can be devastating, with whiplash injuries among the most commonly sustained wounds. Following an accident, get a complete medical checkup for spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, internal bleeding, etc.

From a legal standpoint, truck accidents can be more complex than other auto accidents. These complexities make damage recovery after a truck accident more challenging, and the process may take longer. This is why truck accident victims should consult a lawyer to get the case evaluated for compensation.

Given the situation’s complexity, victims require special guidance from professionals with expertise. They also need help figuring out the compensation they deserve for their injuries. If you’ve been a victim of a truck accident in Chicago and want to understand how much compensation you are owed, visit this truck accident lawyer’s website. Meanwhile, the following sections dive into why truck accidents can be complex to litigate. This information will help you better understand your initial consultation with a lawyer.

1. Special Laws Apply to Commercial Trucks

Provincial and territorial regulations govern the operation of large vehicles such as semi-trailer trucks. These laws relate to how much the maximum weight a truck can haul. Other stipulations relate to how long a commercial truck driver can drive without rest. The trucking company must also follow strict procedures for constant fleet maintenance.

Truck accidents often result from the violation of these laws. You, therefore, need an experienced lawyer who understands these laws. Proving a law violation will significantly boost your chances of getting fair compensation.

2. Often Involve Multiple Vehicles

The sheer size and weight of trucks make them harder to control and even stop during emergencies. It’s, therefore, no surprise that there is a greater risk of the truck ramming into other vehicles.

With multiple vehicles involved, it becomes increasingly challenging to determine fault. While the truck driver or company may be responsible for the accident’s main trigger, other parties may also be responsible.

3. Multiple Parties May Be Liable

Whether it’s a case involving a truck and one other vehicle, or multiple vehicles, multiple parties may be liable for the accident. If you can find evidence to support the legal liability requirement, you can hold different parties responsible.

In addition to the truck driver and the truck company under which the driver is employed, the manufacturer may also be liable. The same goes for the dealership that sold the truck. A maintenance shop that carried out negligent repair and maintenance works on the truck also carries legal responsibility. Your lawyer can also look into the liability of the owner of the cargo carried on the truck, as well as the shipping company that loaded this cargo onto the truck.

4. Damages in Truck Accidents May Be Extensive

Truck accidents are more likely to cause grievous injuries than other types of vehicle collisions. Additionally, the fatality numbers are much higher in truck accidents. The severity of the injuries means that compensation in truck accident claims can be significantly high. The claim may include economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Therefore, calculating damages for a truck accident that has left victims with life-altering injuries or resulted in death isn’t easy. It will take a lot of time and effort to settle an appropriate and fair number to cover all financial and non-financial losses.

5. Vigorous Fighting by Trucking Companies

Representatives acting on behalf of the trucking company can be ruthless and will undoubtedly frustrate your efforts to seek justice and fair compensation. As outlined, there is potential for significant liability in truck accidents, and the trucking company will spare no effort to thwart victims’ efforts at recovery. Truck companies also carry larger insurance policies and will do their best to avoid making out these large payouts.

The trucking company may deliberately delay the claims process, so you are on the wrong side of the statute of limitation for truck accidents. The company may also actively dispute liability and refuse to negotiate. In this case, you will benefit from having an excellent legal presentation when you take matters to court. Some victims get so frustrated with the ruthless fighting and choose to take the low settlements offered or abandon the claims process altogether.

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