5 Reasons Your Decor Looks Tired And What to Do About it?

by Anne B. Robinson

Trends can come and go in the blink of an eye. If you don’t slow down and take a look, you could miss them. Staying on top of what is hot and what is not can ensure you don’t get left behind. Keeping the décor in your home up to date is hard and can be expensive. It’s not as simple as just throwing out an old pair of shoes and buying a new, more fashionable pair. This is your home, and renovations come at a cost.

However, before you despair. There are often relatively simple things you can do to refresh your tired-looking décor without having to go through serious refurbishments or dent the bank account. Let’s take a look at some.

1. Old Furniture

Furniture can, and should, last a long time. However, the longer we get used to seeing it every day, the easier it is for us to ignore potential damage or wear and tear. It might just become background noise to us, but we’ll still be aware on a subconscious level, and, more concerningly, it will be glaringly obvious to any visitors.

Living room furniture, in particular, is important. The living room is where we spend most of our waking hours, so invest in a new piece to revitalize this key room. A new couch or chair will do wonders for refreshing your décor.

2. Tired Walls

Drab, peeling wallpaper or fading, chipped paint can be a major contributor to a lacklustre home décor. Solve this problem immediately by giving your walls a brand-new coat of paint. Choose light, neutral colors to open up space and give rooms a new sense of depth. Or, try two tones with pastel colors to create interesting visual pairings and matchups that will immediately draw and engage the eye.

Utilize the dead space on bare walls by hanging photographs and artwork or installing shelves. This will instantly give your room a new look and breathe life into a space. To avoid accidents when placing home decors in high places, a strong and stable support should be available, one good example is a cantilever tower hire.

3. Old fashioned windows

Heavy curtains and drapes are a dated choice for windows. They can create an enclosed space and a sense of claustrophobia. Do away with these fabric relics and uncover those windows, letting natural light flood your house. This will not only make your rooms more spacious and airy. Natural light has proven health benefits.

4. Boring layout

Changing a long-used layout for furniture in your home can reinvigorate both the décor and your mental state. By moving furniture around and playing with the sense of space and perspective, you can create new focal points and lines of sight, giving rise to further decorating and design ideas and opportunities.

5. Clutter

Clutter is the homeowners’ number one enemy. It can come from nowhere and without warning. Before you know it, and without the proper precautions, you could have clutter up to the rafters. This will only detract from the décor and design of your home, so stay on top of clutter at all times and ensure you keep it at bay.


Keeping a home is a never-ending task and staying on top of the decorating and visual look of your house is another battle entirely. Follow these tips, and you can keep your décor looking fresh and attractive.

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