Sensational Surprises: 5 Senses Gift Ideas That Will Tickle Your Funny Bones

by Anne B. Robinson

Are you tired of giving the same old predictable gifts? It’s time to think outside the box and indulge in some laughter-filled creativity with 5 senses gifts

These quirky and amusing presents are designed to stimulate each of the five senses in the most unexpected and entertaining ways. 

Get ready to embark on a sensational journey that will tickle your funny bones and leave your loved ones in fits of giggles.

But First, What Is a 5 Senses Gift?

A 5 senses gift is a gift that appeals to all five of the human senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. These gifts are a great way to show someone how much you care about them, and they can be tailored to the individual’s interests.

Here are some ideas for 5 senses gifts:

Sight: A gift certificate to their favorite art gallery, a framed photo of the two of you, or a subscription to a photography magazine.

Smell: A scented candle, a set of essential oils, or a gift basket filled with their favorite treats.

Taste: A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, a set of gourmet coffee or tea, or a homemade meal.

Touch: A piece of jewelry, a massage gift certificate, or a set of soft blankets.

Hearing: A new album by their favorite artist, tickets to a concert, or a sound machine to help them sleep.

You can also get creative with your 5 senses gifts. For example, if the person you’re giving the gift to loves to cook, you could get them a set of kitchen utensils that are designed to appeal to all five senses. 

Alternatively, if they’re a nature lover, you could get them a gift basket filled with items that they can use to experience the outdoors, such as binoculars, a bird book, and a hiking map.

25 Remarkable 5 Senses Gift Ideas

No matter what you choose, a 5 senses gift is sure to be a thoughtful and memorable way to show someone how much you care.

Gifts for the Sense of Sight

1. Nosey Glasses 

Surprise your recipient with a pair of glasses that have wiggly, oversized noses attached. It’s a hilarious sight that will have everyone around them laughing uncontrollably.

2. Unicorn Vision

2. Unicorn Vision

Give them a pair of rainbow-colored, glitter-filled sunglasses that turn the world into a whimsical wonderland. Watch as they see the world through magical eyes and spread smiles wherever they go.

3. Upside-Down Goggles

Flip their world upside down with a pair of goggles that invert their vision. It’s a hilarious and disorienting experience that will have them laughing at every step.

4. Funny Face Mask

Surprise them with a face mask that displays a comical and exaggerated facial expression when worn. It’s a guaranteed way to turn heads and spread laughter.

5. Googly Eyes Everywhere

Stick adhesive googly eyes on everyday objects like mugs, plants, and even furniture. It’s a silly sight that will transform their surroundings into a world of whimsy.

Gifts for the Sense of Smell

1. Stinky Perfume Sampler

Present them with a set of comically named perfumes that mimic bizarre and humorous scents like “Sweaty Socks” or “Burnt Toast.” It’s a fragrant surprise that will leave them laughing.

2. Bacon Air Freshener

Fill their car or room with the mouth-watering scent of sizzling bacon. It’s an aromatic delight that will have them craving breakfast all day long.

3. Essence of Pizza

3. Essence of Pizza

Gift them a candle that smells exactly like their favorite pizza toppings. It’s a tantalizing aroma that will bring a smile to their face and make them crave a cheesy slice.

4. Scented Bubble Bath with a Twist

Surprise them with a bubble bath product that turns their bathwater into wacky and unexpected scents like “Popcorn” or “Freshly Cut Grass.” It’s a sensory experience that will have them laughing in the tub.

5. Coffee-Infused Socks

Treat their feet to socks infused with the invigorating scent of freshly brewed coffee. It’s a pick-me-up for their senses and a humorous twist on everyday footwear.

Gifts for the Sense of Sound

1. Musical Prank Card

Give them a greeting card that plays an embarrassing or silly tune loudly when opened. It’s a prank that will leave them in stitches and provide entertainment for everyone around.

2. Animal Sound Keychain

Surprise them with a keychain that produces realistic animal sounds with a humorous twist. From a meowing cow to a barking duck, each press will evoke laughter and surprise.

3. Laughter Yoga CD

3. Laughter Yoga CD

Gift them a CD that guides them through laughter yoga exercises. It’s a hilarious and therapeutic experience that will have them laughing their way to relaxation.

4. Voice-Changing Megaphone

Provide them with a megaphone that distorts their voice into funny and unexpected tones. It’s a guaranteed way to make announcements and conversations amusing for everyone involved.

5. Annoying Alarm Clock

Give them an alarm clock with quirky and humorous wake-up sounds like animal noises, funny catchphrases, or even the sound of someone snoring. It’s a playful way to start their day with a smile.

Gifts for the Sense of Taste

1. Sour Candy Roulette

Challenge their taste buds with a box of assorted sour candies, including some super sour surprises. It’s a taste sensation that will have them puckering up and laughing at their reactions.

2. Bizarre Flavor Chips

Present them with a selection of unconventional chip flavors like pickle ice cream or bacon-flavored marshmallows. It’s a taste adventure that will have them guessing and laughing with each bite.

3. Spicy Chocolate Sampler

3. Spicy Chocolate Sampler

Surprise them with a collection of chocolates infused with various levels of heat, from mildly spicy to tear-inducing. It’s a tongue-tingling treat that will test their spice tolerance and generate laughter.

4. Gummy Worm Challenge

Gift them a giant container of gummy worms and challenge them to eat as many as they can in a minute without using their hands. It’s a hilarious and sticky challenge that will leave them laughing and reaching for napkins.

5. Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

Take them on a flavor adventure with unique ice cream flavors like wasabi, garlic, or avocado. It’s a scoop of surprise that will have them questioning their taste buds and laughing with each spoonful.

Gifts for the Sense of Touch

1. Tickle Monster Gloves

1. Tickle Monster Gloves

Equip them with gloves that have tickling attachments on the fingertips. It’s a touchy-feely experience that will have them squirming and laughing uncontrollably.

2. Squishy Stress Ball

Gift them a stress ball with a funny face and a satisfyingly squishy texture. It’s a stress-relieving toy that brings smiles and laughter to every squeeze.

3. Fuzzy Slipper Socks

Keep their feet cozy and entertained with socks that have playful pom-poms or quirky designs. It’s a touch of warmth and laughter for their toes.

4. Massage Pillow with a Twist

Surprise them with a massage pillow that vibrates in unexpected and amusing patterns. It’s a touch sensation that will provide relaxation and laughter.

5. Furry Mystery Box

Give them a box filled with a variety of soft and furry objects. From stuffed animals to fluffy socks, each touch will bring comfort and smiles.

Combining 5 Senses Gifts  

But why stop at just one sense? Take the laughter to the next level by combining these senses in unexpected ways:

Sight + Sound: Silent Disco Surprise 

Gift your friend a pair of noise-canceling headphones and a playlist of their favorite tunes. Watch as they dance and groove to the music, completely unaware of the silent spectacle they’re creating.

Smell + Taste: Culinary Confusion

Prepare a mystery meal that combines unusual scents with unexpected flavors. From a savory dessert to a sweet and savory entrée, each bite will be a surprise for their senses and a catalyst for laughter.

Sound + Touch: Tickle Therapy

Surprise your loved one with a session of tickle therapy. Use feathers, bubble wrap, and other ticklish objects to create a symphony of laughter and bring joy to their day.


With these 5 senses gift ideas, laughter and creativity are guaranteed. 

Embrace the joy of surprise and watch as your loved ones delight in the unexpected. Remember, the gift of laughter is the best gift of all. So go ahead, let your senses run wild, and create unforgettable moments of mirth and amusement.

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