8 Sure-Fire Promo Items to Boost Your Brand

by Anne B. Robinson

Promotional item giveaway campaigns are a business staple for a reason. Not only are they an affordable way to show customers that you care, but they are perfect for making your brand more widely visible in the public eye. If you want to run a promo campaign, but cannot afford to invest in a poor product, here are eight sure-fire promo items you can use to boost your brand reliably:

1. Plastic Cups

If you have a family, you’ll understand just how easy it is to quickly run out of cups at dinner time. Especially if you love to host parties, having spare cups to use is an absolute dream come true. Help your customers live this dream by giving out branded plastic cups at your next customer appreciation event. Doing so will help them think of your company’s services every time they need to bring out extra cups at home.

2. Tote Bags

Tote bags are still one of the most sure-fire promo item choices out there. Not only are they incredibly affordable to customize and print in bulk, but they are also extremely stylish and helpful. You can gift your customers tote bags that will help them carry their valuables and work items every single day. If you’re giving out promo items at a trade show, tote bags will be an even more guaranteed hit.

3. Bottle Openers

Everyone loves a good bottle opener. The fact that you can buy them in bulk for incredibly cheap makes them that much more attractive for budget-friendly companies looking to run a successful promo marketing campaign. Just make sure to buy bottle openers that are safe, fun, and professional looking if you want the promo campaign you’re running to go over successfully.

4. Shirts

Wearable promo items and merch are a sure-fire hit in today’s fashion-forward world. You want customers to associate your brand with style, so printing your logo onto a snazzy, yet casual t-shirt is highly recommended. You can literally create walking billboards for your company if you make your shirt attractive enough that customers want to wear them while they’re out and about frequently. This is also a fantastic way to boost your customer engagement in a reliable, fun manner.

5. Hats

Similar to t-shirts, hats can create walking billboards for your brand. Hats are also a more versatile choice when it comes to promotional, wearable merch. Putting a logo on a hat in an attractive, stylish fashion is much simpler as well (making them more popular among companies that cannot afford to hire someone to design their wearable merch).

6. Stress Balls

If you’re giving out promo items to a business-centric crowd, you want to aim for items that will help them unwind and see your business in a fun, positive light. Stress balls with your logo on them might seem cliche, but they have become a go-to promo item for a reason. They provide customers with the ability to settle down and take a breath as they go about their day, after all. Few things are as valuable as peace of mind and relaxation, and with a branded stress ball, you can give your customers this exact gift.

7. Pens

Pens are trusty, sure-fire hits for promotional item campaigns. Especially at trade shows, a solid pen can help you make the crowd flock to your company’s booth. Go for a long-lasting pen, that has a comfortable grip, and your booth will become that much more popular. Even if you go for a fancy pen model, the absolutely cheap and affordable nature of buying pens in bulk will help sell you on using this item for your next promotional merchandise campaign.

8. Notepads

Lastly, you can gift your customers the ability to easily write down their thoughts, and keep track of their day-to-day tasks. Business-centric customers love a free, branded notepad. You can even give out leftover notepads from promo campaigns to your employees to help brighten their day! Knowing how to get the most out of your promotional item investment is key to running a successful business operation, after all.

Unlock Your Dream Campaign

With any of these sure-fire hit promo items, you can finally unlock the dream promo campaign that your company has been waiting for. Running a successful campaign will not only make your brand more visible but will help you to build a happy, loyal customer base as well. When going for more expensive promo items, try to give them out to already-existing customers to improve your retention rates. Doing so can help you supercharge your business operations.

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