Alex Aniston: Jennifer Aniston’s Rebellious Half-Brother, Uninterested in Her Shadow

by Anne B. Robinson

Jennifer Aniston, playing Rachel in the hit sitcom Friends, was a 90s icon, with people imitating her fashion style, haircut, and even how she talks and walks. The Horrible Bosses star is still one of the most influential Hollywood names, as she continues to work as an actress and film producer. 

But Aniston never had an easy life at home. From her rocky relationship with her estranged mother to various failed relationships, the Hollywood icon has suffered significantly to have her life together. 

Her relationship with her half-brother, Alex Aniston, is no different. As a matter of fact, Aniston has two half-brothers she is rarely seen with. 

So, who is Alex Aniston? What’s his relationship with his famous sister like? Read this article to find out. 

Who is Alex Aniston?

Who is Alex Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is definitely one of Hollywood’s most successful stars. But the actress has been vocal about the hardships she’s faced growing up with her family, as her parents got divorced when she was nine. 

In addition to an older half-brother, John Melick, through her mother’s side, Aniston has a younger brother called Alexander “AJ” Aniston. 

Alex Aniston was born in 1989 to John Aniston and his second wife, Sherry Rooney. He was born in LA and is 20 years younger than the famous We’re the Millers star. Just like Jennifer, Alex is considered of mixed race since his father is of Greek descent

AJ Aniston decided to drop out of college and pursue an unconventional punk lifestyle. Although his family put a lot of emphasis on hard work and good education, Alex Aniston chose to live in his van, barely making ends meet and traveling across different states.  

Jennifer’s half-brother, John, on the other side, decided to work in the movie industry, although he chose to remain behind the camera. This isn’t what you’d expect from someone who’s born into a family that has always preferred to be under the spotlights. 

Born to a famous actor, Alex didn’t follow in the footsteps of his father, ex-stepmother, or sister. He was shown to have various tattoos, probably to express his views on life and how he feels about the system. Some people believe this is normal, given that he was probably living in the shadow of his famous sister all his life. 

One of his most prominent tattoos is a big one written across his abdomen. It reads “Live Free,” which makes perfect sense and tells us a lot about who he is as a human being. 

What is the Relationship Between Jennifer and Alex Aniston Like?

What is the Relationship Between Jennifer and Alex Aniston Like

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Jennifer Aniston probably had a good relationship with her brother when he was younger. Papprazti photographed them together when he attended her Along Came Polly’s premiere in 2004. Yet, this was almost 20 years ago, and a lot could have changed since then. 

As he once opened up to a reporter who asked him about his sister, Alex mentioned that this has always bothered him, having people talk to him only to ask about her. He refused to comment on the reporter’s question. 

On the other hand, it seems that Jennifer Aniston is OK with her brother keeping a low profile. She’s publicly spoken about forgiving her family, and her mother in particular. But she hasn’t made any public comments about her half-brother, Alex. 

Alex Aniston is rebellious and not interested in living in his sister’s shadow. He describes himself as a traveling artist, and his friends say he is particularly interested in animal skulls. 

But little is known about how he earns money, although he’s born into a wealthy family. He’s always exploring new places, doing new things, and attending events like the Burning Man music festival, but no one is sure what he actually does for a living. 

Some people said that he gathers different bike parts and makes new bikes out of them, but I’m unsure if he does this professionally. 

Alex Aniston’s Life

Alex Aniston’s Life

Some people reported that Alex Aniston had a serious relationship with Adriane Hallek, a tattoo model and makeup artist. They stayed together for several years and had a son in 2014, followed by a daughter in 2016. 

However, soon after having their second child, the couple started fighting. They decided to break up after that. His two kids live with their mother, and Alex has moved in with a new girlfriend, where he lives in one of California’s suburbs. 

Wrap Up

Being under the spotlight since birth isn’t fun, and Alex Aniston probably agrees. Born to a famous actor and being the half-brother to one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses was probably too stressful for little AJ that he decided to rebel and live on his own terms. 

Little is known about the relationship between Jennifer Aniston and her younger half-brother. He tries to enjoy a low-profile life, and he’s been doing this successfully for quite some time now. 

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