Anime NFTs: How They Are Changing the Non-Fungible Token Market

by Anne B. Robinson

Anime is becoming significantly popular in the NFT market. Anime and manga artists are unrepentantly making their way up the NFT ladder with their art. It has also shot the Japanese culture into more limelight as anime characters have their roots in Japanese movies and way of life. This seems like a beneficial move for anime artists who had no idea how they could be a part of the crypto world. Now, anime NFTs are not just a thing but they are scaling the digital economy.

Not many blockchain enthusiasts thought that anime will skyrocket in popularity and revenue in such a short time as it did. The Azuki anime NFT was launched in 2022 and has scaled up to over $300 million in sales. This is one of the fastest development ever recorded in the history of the NFT market. The Japanese-looking skateboarders were first priced at $3,400 per piece and they sold out in three minutes.

Many NFT marketplaces support anime now. For instance, there are anime NFTs on UCOLLEX where you can buy, sell and display your digital and physical assets. Let’s take a look at how anime is shaping the NFT market.

What Are Anime NFTs?

Anime NFTs are NFTs created based on anime-inspired characters. They are usually a collection of NFT artworks that are anime-based. You will find most anime NFTs hand-drawn and centered around a specific theme or animation movie. There are also computer-drawn anime NFTs depending on the creator. Some are inspired by some of your Japanese-based animation movies like Ponyo, Wolf Children, Spirited Away, and many more.

Collecting anime NFTs has also become a lifelong passion for collectors. As a result, a community of anime and manga lovers is growing and they are fueling the anime NFT’s lifespan. It is safe to say that the NFT also made the Japanese anime culture expand due to its already established popularity.

Anime NFT has helped comics and anime series become famous in the western world. Creators can now mint their anime NFT and get it on NFT marketplaces to make them easily accessible. Collectors all over the world can buy and acquire anime NFTs after meeting the requirements of the platform.

How Anime Is Changing the NFT market

From the rising popularity of anime NFTs, the world can see that anime is making a wave in the NFT market. Plunging into the creatives’ market, they have generated over $200 Millions in sales. Here are some ways through which anime has been changing the NFT space.

1. Increasing The Growth of the NFT Market

The NFT market has witnessed so much growth in its evolution. It gained prominence in 2021 and since then has remained relevant and popular. Anime NFT brought in more increase to the NFT market and this has made it grow even more. People from western culture gained interest in the peculiarity of Japanese-based anime.

2. Protecting The Rights of Japanese Creatives

Japanese creatives and artists get the chance to have their creations protected through the blockchain technology of NFT. It used to be difficult to verify the authenticity of digital art. With anime NFT, the right of creatives can be protected.

The Japanese represent only 1.62% of the world population. The proliferation of anime NFT has brought a part of Japanese culture before the world. People get to see some of the cultures and beliefs of the Japanese people through their anime artwork.

3. Generating Revenue For Artists

Not only do creatives’ work get to be recognized, but they also get to be appreciated. There are NFT platforms that support anime NFT listing. Some have a system that helps creatives earn while they showcase their work. NFT marketplaces have a way of making anime creators get royalties whenever their art changes hands.

4. Turning Hand-Drawn Illustrations Into Original Artwork

Anime NFT helps turn hand or computer-drawn illustrations into original artwork through a blockchain system. Without the NFT technology, animes will only stop at being hand or computer-drawn illustrations with no originality or authenticity.

NFT anime has moved ordinary craft from paper and computer screens into a network of secured systems. This is a move that can only be done through NFT.


Anime NFTs are not just changing the blockchain market, they are giving weight relevance to the work of ancient Japanese artists and creatives. Old comics and series are being revived through NFT. Not only are they revived, but they are also being rewarded for their originality.

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