Anna Strout: Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife, Producer and Activist, Balancing Life Behind the Camera

by Anne B. Robinson

Anna Strout is more than just a celebrity wife. Married to the popular filmmaker, actor, and writer Jesse Eisenberg, Anna is a well-known producer, writer, and activist.

This adorable couple is committed to building a loving, lasting relationship. And even though Anna is married to a Hollywood star, she tends to be more reserved and prefers to keep her life private and out of the limelight.

So, if you’re curious to learn more about Anna, this is your chance!

Who Is Anna Strout?

Anna Strout was born on the 13th of May, 1983, in Bloomington, Indiana. I couldn’t find any information on Anna’s early years except that she was an only child and grew up in a loving and stable home environment.

Her father is Bob Arnov, who was a talented writer. His books include a wide range of topics, from education to describing the chilling details of a revolution in Nicaragua.

The 40-year-old business manager’s mother, Toby Strout, was the executive director of Middle Way House, a domestic violence shelter in Bloomington, Indiana. Toby was an activist against domestic abuse, human trafficking, and sexual assault.

During the three decades where she worked as the Houses’ executive director, Toby served endless survivors that, in 2019, the city of Bloomington decided to name a street after her and called it the ‘Toby Strout Way’ in her honor.

Anna’s family moved to New York City where she attended high school. But she didn’t particularly care to pursue a higher education, so she chose not to go to college.

Standing 5 feet, 4 inches, and weighing around 116 pounds,  she’s what you’d call petite. Her delicate body structure is complemented by her dark, shoulder-length brown hair and deep blue eyes.

Anna Strout: Husband

Jesse Eisenberg

Anna is married to celebrity superstar Jesse Eisenberg. The actor, writer, and filmmaker has won accolades and high claims for his work throughout his career.

It has even culminated in the 40-year-old star receiving several awards. As of writing this post, his awards include one Academy Award, one Golden Globe Award, and two BAFTA Awards.

As an actor, Eisenberg has been featured in notable roles in dozens of movies. His most popular works include The Social Network, Now You See Me, The Squid and the Whale, Zombieland, and The Village.

On the personal front, Jesse shares her love for volunteer work and enjoys investing his time and money in non-profit organizations and charities.

He often collaborates with various institutes and projects. Recently, he partnered up with the Child Mind Institute on their #MyYoungerSelf project and starred in a video titled “OCD and What Would I Tell My Younger Self.”

It’s also been reported that Jesse recently donated a substantial sum, estimated to be up to $100,000, to the Middle Way House. That’s the same domestic violence shelter his wife and mother-in-law have spent a great deal of their time, energy, and finances.

Anna Strout: Personal Life

Anna Strout Personal Life

Image source: Pinterest

As I mentioned earlier, it’s clear that Anna Strout is a private person. Therefore, it wasn’t a shock to me to find that there was next to no information available on her life before her marriage to Jesse Eisenberg.

And to add insult to injury, she’s adamant about keeping a considerable distance from the media and press in general. Plus, she has little social media presence on any of the platforms.

On the bright side, this is likely one reason why this amazing couple has managed to avoid public scandals, unlike many other Hollywood couples.

So, how did the two meet?

Apparently, it all started on the set of the movie The Emperor’s Club in 2001 where Anna was working as a production assistant to Lisa Bruce.

They met, they hit it off, and, just like that, became an exclusive couple. Their relationship lasted for nearly 10 years before they decided to go their separate ways, and the couple broke it off in 2012.

Sometime around late 2015 or early 2016, Eisenberg and Anna decided to give their relationship another try. They were soon reunited and continued to date for several more years.

Then, in 2017, they finally decided to tie the knot. The couple decided not to have a lavish wedding but rather opted for a private, intimate ceremony among family and friends.

Jesse and Anna have two children together. Their son, Banner, was born in April 2017.

Anna Strout: Siblings

Anna Strout Siblings

Image source: Google

Anna doesn’t have any sisters. However, her husband, Jesse, has two sisters with whom he’s quite close: Hallie Kate and Kerri Eisenberg.

Hallie Kate was featured in a handful of Pepsi commercials when she was a kid.

She’s also appeared in a couple of movies, including Paulie (1998), Beautiful (2000), and How to Eat Fried Worms ( 2006).

Nowadays, the 31-year-old no longer works in the entertainment industry. She decided to take a break from acting and focus more on her studies.

Like her younger siblings, Kerrie is an actress. She’s appeared in television shows, theater productions, and movies, such as Coming Soon, The Repair Shop, and Spectropia. She’s also done voice-overs for commercials, video games, and cartoons.

It seems that the 43-year-old is doing very well for herself in other niches as well. Kerrie is a successful artist, singer, screenwriter, director, and model. 

Anna Strout: Career

Anna Strout Career

Image source: Google

Anna Strout’s career covers a broad range of industries in the entertainment business. While her husband, Jesse, takes center stage in filmography, Anna prefers to work quietly in the background and focuses more on the business end of moviemaking, like marketing and promotion.

Early on, Anna managed to find jobs as a business manager and production assistant in entertainment. Her first job was in 2001 as a set production assistant on a mystery thriller titled Don’t Say a Word.

Her second job was as a production assistant on The Emperor’s Club in 2002 where she met Jesse. That was followed by a 2006 documentary called Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia, where she worked as a talent coordinator.

She also keeps herself busy working on non-profit endeavors, as well as volunteer work. For example, Anna is quite vocal about issues concerning sexual assault and domestic violence.

Anna has made it a point to follow in her mother’s footsteps by participating as an unofficial member and partner of Middle Way House. This non-profit organization is where her mother, Toby, worked until she passed away in 2017.

Here are some of the TV shows and movies in which Anna has had a participating role:

  • Don’t Say a Word: production assistant; 2001
  • The Emperor’s Club: production assistant; 2002
  • Fire and Ice: The Winter of Finland: talent and music coordinator; 2006
  • Light on a Path: producer; 2019

Anna Strout: Net Worth

Anna Strout Net Worth

Image source: Google

Being the famous celebrity he is, there’s no escaping that Anna’s husband is the one who gets more than his fair share of on-screen attention and publicity.

Yet, the couple appears to be enjoying their diversified roles in entertainment.

For some time now, Anna has been considered quite the prominent member of the entertainment industry taking a more behind-the-scenes approach to filmmaking.

Still, she’s managed to carve a nice niche for herself and has built a successful career from the ground up. Anna’s earnings mainly come from her work as a well-known marketing manager, movie production assistant, producer, and music coordinator.

It’s estimated that Anna Strout’s net worth is close to $2 million. 

To Sum Up

We’ve all heard of Jesse Eisenberg and his outstanding roles in many notable films. Now, you can say you know just as much about his wife and the mother of his son, Anna Strout.

With one working in front of the camera and the other working behind it, this couple seems to be doing a terrific job balancing their successful careers with their personal lives.

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