Are Apps Frequently Crashing on Your Mac? Do This!

by Anne B. Robinson

Speed and stability are the two pillars of Apple Macs. Therefore, when applications start crashing, it can be extremely annoying. As a result, you may feel that you have made the wrong investment in purchasing a Mac.

However, do not let your feelings go that far because Macs are exceptional machines that provide excellent battery backup and optimized performance.

Fortunately, no matter the reason, you can troubleshoot the issue yourself and get back on track instantly. Continue reading to know some of the top reasons why your apps are crashing and what you can do to fix it.

The Reasons for APPs crash

Apps crash for several reasons, like:

1. Software incompatibilities

2. Memory issues

3. Virus or malware attack

4. Poor Internet connection

For example, if Apple Mail quits unexpectedly, you must investigate the root cause. It might be that the app is outdated and simply needs to be updated for it to work smoothly again. Or there might be corrupted preference files causing the Mail app to misbehave. Finally, you may have downloaded malware or any malicious program to your computer, so the app crashes frequently.

5. Not enough memory

Not having enough memory to run applications and programs is one of the most common issues with the Mac OS. As a result, apps can freeze and crash, and you might see notifications saying the application lacks memory.

Memory pressure is created when the applications do not have enough free memory. Or there might be high-intensive apps running in the background that consume too much memory.

To clear memory, it is important to quit applications that are using a lot of memory so you can free up space. To quit these apps, go to Activity Monitor and find the apps that consume too much memory. Then, click the X icon to stop or pause these applications.

6. Check for viruses and malware

Viruses and malware are designed to infect your computer and steal information from you. Malware or viruses can be downloaded from the web, installed on your computer by malicious individuals, or might be installed because you clicked on a malicious link. For example, when you open mail attachments without checking the source or downloading anything from the Internet without verifying the link, you end up installing malware and viruses.

Using a scanner, you must check for viruses and malware on your computer. If anything is found, you must remove the infections so your device is clean and you can continue working without a glitch.

To ensure you are safe, install anti-virus software on your computer and set it to scan your device automatically.

Since crashing applications puts you at risk of losing your data, it is essential to prevent apps from crashing. If they are crashing because of viruses and malware, installing anti-virus software and steering clear of malicious sites will keep you safe.

7. Corrupted apps

If the apps are corrupted, they might crash and not let you work. Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence where apps become corrupted.

If the app crashes because of corrupted files, the best solution is to uninstall the app by opening Finder > clicking on Applications. Then, find the app you wish to uninstall, hold down the Option key, and click on the app name. Then, choose the uninstall option. Finally, confirm your choice by clicking Uninstall again.

This should work in uninstalling the application, or you can uninstall the app by going to the App Store. After that, you can reinstall the app to check if the problem is solved.

8. Outdated operating system

It is crucial to update your OS whenever there’s an update pending. This is one of the reasons why your system’s security will be updated, and you can continue working on your computer without any fear.

Besides security concerns, another reason why you must update your OS is to prevent apps from crashing. Apple releases yearly updates, and these OS updates have improved security, bug fixes, and the latest features. These updates are supposed to make your system more stable and secure. The update also fixes bugs and other issues you face when using your computer. One of the best ways to keep up with the changing technologies is to update macOS versions whenever there’s an update available.

Furthermore, this update will prevent app crashing and other problems that are a hindrance to your work. However, once you update to the latest OS version, do not forget to update all the apps. Then, if the apps are compatible, you will have a smooth experience.

The Bottom Line

These are why your apps are crashing and how you can solve the problem. If you need more help or DIY troubleshooting is not working, call the nearest Apple service center technician. On the other hand, it might be that you need expert help.

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