Secure Your Springtime Sanctuary: Backyard Safety Strategies

by Anne B. Robinson

A well-cared-for yard can add around 15% to the value of your home. With spring just around the corner, more and more people will be spending time in their yards. 76% of people say their yard is the most important part of their homes.

After a long winter, your yard is sure to have been neglected and could now be unsafe. These tips will help you prepare a safe yard that you and your family can enjoy throughout the spring and summer.

General cleaning & repairs

One of the first things you should do is a general cleanup of your yard. Fallen leaves can be a slip hazard when wet, so you need to remove them. Sweep all patios and walkways so that they’re free from debris. This will stop your family from tripping. Make sure you cut back bushes and overgrown tree branches so that no one gets scratched when they walk past or under them. And need to schedule tree trimming in Haymarket before the branches get too close to the power lines.

Once your garden is clean, you can inspect it for damage. Broken fence panels are common after the winter. They’re also unsafe as pets and children may escape through them. Criminals may also use them to break into your yard and your home. Any damage you find should be fixed straight away.

Pool safety

Almost 22% of Americans say that water features, such as ponds, are an important feature in their backyard. Ponds can be problematic due to the water in them becoming stagnant. When this happens, there’s a risk that pests will move in. Fire ants are particularly attracted to stagnant pond water. They’re problematic as they’re venomous and sting people more often than bees and wasps do. If you have fire ants in your backyard, they may try to move into your home too.

Keep fire ants away, by fixing stagnant water in your pond. You can do this by removing sludge and algae, using an aeration system, and cleaning out the filtration system. If you’ve got children or pets, you should already have fencing or netting in place. Check this for signs and damage and replace or repair if needed to keep your loved ones safe.

Fire pit caution

Fire pits are great for warming you up on a spring or summer evening. However, they’re also responsible for at least 5,300 injuries every year. Before you use yours this year, remove all seasonal debris from it. The coals in fire pits can still be hot the day after you use them. It’s so easy to forget this, though.

Consider buying a warning sign that you can put up when you extinguish your fire pit to remind you. It’s also wise to put a metal fire guard around your fire pit, especially if there are youngsters in your home, so they can’t burn themselves.

In summary

It’s almost time to spend days having fun and relaxing in your backyard. But before you do, make sure you’ve prepped it and made it as safe as it can be.

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