Update Your List: Baby Boy Names That Mean Strong

by Anne B. Robinson

As a new parent who is expecting a baby boy, your mission in life is to make sure your child has a good start. This begins with giving him a good name. A good name can bring him luck and also showcase the virtues you hope he’ll develop in the future. And what better virtue is there than strength?

Whether you’re looking for something common or creative, this list of boy names that mean strong is sure to give your baby boy the best start in life.

List of Baby Boy Names That Mean Strong

As the old saying goes, there is power in a name. Names not only define us, but serve as a sign of what we hope our child will be. And after the events of 2020, you might feel it appropriate for your baby boy to grow up to embody strength. Be it emotional or physical, strength is a fine virtue, which every baby boy needs to overcome the harsh obstacles of life.

While ‘strong’ in and of itself isn’t the perfect name, there are plenty of boy names that mean strong out there. Whether you’re looking for something powerful or unusual, our list of baby boy names that mean strong will surely have something that reflects the hopes you have for your little one.

1.   Names That Begin With A

  • Andrew: A classic Greek name meaning strong and manly
  • Arsenio: An exotic Spanish name meaning strong and virile
  • Anders: For fans of Swedish names, this one means strong, manly, brave
  • Abelardo: German boy names that mean strong are always a good choice. This one in particular means ‘noble strength’

2.   Names That Begin With B

names that begin with b

  • Baldrik: A Germanic name that signifies brave and bold
  • Bear: An English name with a triple meaning: brave, courageous, and daring
  • Brycin: Latin boy names that mean strong have an air of power about them. This one means both strong and just
  • Batair: A Scottish originating name meaning ‘strong warrior’

3.   Names That Begin With C

  • Chasin: A Hebrew name that very straightforwardly means strong
  • Conall: Particular animals are always synonymous with strength. This Scottish name refers to a strong wolf
  • Cillian: Celtic boy names that mean strong always have something to do with battle. This one, in particular, symbolizes a strong warrior
  • Carlo: A sensual Italian name that means both strong and manly

4.   Names That Begin With D

  • Dries: A Dutch name that can refer to both a man or a strong warrior
  • Drew: Shortened from Andrew, this English name means ‘warrior’
  • Dree: English in origin, this name means a strong and manly person
  • Donal: An Irish name meaning ‘proud, strong chief’

5.   Names That Begin With E

  • Ezekiel: Biblically inspired, this name means ‘God will strengthen’
  • Ethan: A Hebrew name for boys that want to be both strong and firm when they grow up
  • Evandro: The Latinized variant of the Greek Evandros, this name means ‘manly’
  • Einar: Finding a boy name that means strong is easy if you’re looking at a Scandinavian language. This Norwegian name in particular means ‘strong warrior’

6.   Names That Begin With F

names that begin with f

  • Flamma: A Greek originating name that means ‘gladiator’
  • Fadi: A lovely Arabic name that means ‘brave and strong savior’
  • Fenyang: This African name not only symbolizes power, strength, and conquest, but it’s also unique
  • Firas: Arabic for ‘as fierce as a lion’

7.   Names That Begin With G

  • Gabriel: Giving your boy a Hebrew name that means ‘God is my strength’ is a great way to make sure he grows up strong and spiritual
  • Gerard: A name that exists in both French and English, it means ‘strong’ or ‘brave’
  • Griffith: A Welsh name referring to ‘chief warrior’
  • Gavi: Hebrew in origin, this name means ‘the hero of God’

8.   Names That Begin With H

  • Helmer: Another boy name of Swedish origin, this one means ‘strong, fighting fury’
  • Hagan: A Gaelic name referring to ‘strong fire’
  • Herbert: A German name meaning ‘illustrious warrior’

9.   Names That Begin With I

  • Ivar: For fans of the Vikings TV show, this name is Icelandic for ‘bow warrior’
  • Imre: Hungarian for ‘strength’
  • Ignatius: A name of Latin origin that means ‘strong, fiery one’
  • Iskender: A Greek name meaning ‘man’s defender’ or ‘strong warrior’

10.  Names That Begin With J

  • Jerry: A common but good Irish name meaning ‘brave spearman’
  • Jan: A Finnish name meaning ‘helmet warrior’
  • Jibreel: The Arabic variant of Gabriel, this name means ‘God is my strength’
  • Jabari: Arabic for ‘brave and strong ruler’

11.   Names That Begin With K

names that begin with k

  • Kalmin: This Scandinavian name means ‘manly and strong’
  • Kiah: A gender-neutral Hebrew name that means ‘God is my strength’
  • Kenzo: The Japanese name for ‘strength’

12.  Names That Begin With L

  • Liam: An Irish name for all those strong-willed warriors
  • Louis: A French name meaning ‘great warrior’
  • Leander: A famous Greek name for ‘strong man’ or ‘lion man’

13.  Names That Begin With M

  • Magnus: A title fitting a Roman emperor, this Latin name means ‘the strongest’ or ‘greatest’
  • Miles: Another Latin name meaning ‘strong soldier’
  • Max: This name means ‘strongest’ or ‘greatest’ as well, except it’s German in origin
  • Maynard: An old, Norman French name that means ‘strong’

14.  Names That Begin With N

  • Nolan: Common in modern times, this Gaelic name means ‘champion’
  • Ned: Game of Thrones fans will rejoice to know that this English name means ‘strong, healthy guardian’
  • Naois: A magical Celtic name meaning ‘strong, mythical warrior’

15.  Names That Begin With O

  • Ondrej: For those looking for Slavic boy names that mean strong, this Slovakian name means ‘strong man warrior’
  • Oz: A Hebrew name meaning ‘strength’. It’s also the short variant of Ozymandias, a powerful Egyptian pharaoh
  • Owen: A Welsh name meaning ‘young warrior’

16.  Names That Begin With P

names that begin with p

  • Ptolemy: A Greek name meaning ‘strong, aggressive, warlike’
  • Pryor: An Ancient Norman name, it means ‘strong and superior’

17.  Names That Begin With Q

  • Quillon: An unusual Latin name meaning ‘strong’
  • Quadir: An Arabic name for parents who want their son to be strong and powerful.

18.  Names That Begin With R

  • Ryker: A Danish name that both sounds super strong and means ‘super strength’
  • Ricardo: An Italian name meaning ‘strong and powerful ruler’
  • Remo: A name with either English or Greek origins meaning ‘the strong one’

19.  Names That Begin With S

  • Safdar: An African name meaning ‘fighter’
  • Shogun: Any fan of Japanese culture would love to name their son Shogun — a name meaning ‘strong ruler’

20.  Names That Begin With T

  • Thor: What’s stronger than sharing a name with the Norse god of thunder
  • Takio: A Japanese name that straightforwardly means ‘strength’
  • Timur: if you want your son to be as strong as iron, definitely go with this Turkish name
  • Thane: Scottish name meaning ‘chief’

21.  Names That Begin With U

names that begin with u

  • Umberto: A beautiful Italian name for a strong, renowned warrior
  • Udo: A lesser-known name of Teutonic origin, this name can mean either ‘strong’ or ‘prosperous’
  • Uzi: A beautiful Hebrew name meaning ‘my strength’
  • Uziah: Similarly, this Hebrew name means ‘Lord is my strength’

22.  Names That Begin With V

  • Valens: A Latin word meaning ‘strong’ or ‘healthy’
  • Valentine: Derived from the word ‘valens’, this name also means ‘strong’ and ‘healthy’
  • Vidar: A Scandinavian name that means ‘strong warrior’

23.  Names That Begin With W

  • Wyatt: A classic English name meaning ‘strong’
  • Walter: Another good English name that refers to a strong ruler of an army
  • Warrick: An English name meaning ‘warrior’

24.  Names That Begin With X

  • Xander: A famous name of Greek heroes, this name means ‘protector of man’

25.  Names That Begin With Y

  • Yuma: A beautiful African name that refers to a chief’s son
  • Yaden: Biblical boy names that mean strong are always a good choice. This one is no exception.
  • Yves: A unique French name if you want your boy to be a real strong archer

26.  Names That Begin With Z

  • Zeke: A beautiful and spiritual Hebrew name, that means ‘God strengthens’
  • Zale: A Greek name for anyone who wants their boy to be as strong as the sea

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