Carpet Maintenance Tips You Need to Know About

by Anne B. Robinson

Keeping carpets clean is necessary for maintaining the look and feel of a home, as well as reducing the number of allergens, dirt, and other irritants that can be present in carpets. Taking the time to deep clean carpets on a regular basis ensures that homeowners can enjoy the benefits of having beautiful and clean carpets while enjoying games on a casino online.

Carpets act as air filters and can act as a magnet for allergens, dirt, and dust. On top of that, they can trap moisture and help minimize the presence of mold spores and bacteria. If not properly taken care of, carpets can be a haven for pests, such as fleas and bedbugs. The use of professional equipment and products can restore the appearance and extend its life.

Vacuuming Vs. Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning your carpet is great for smaller sectional areas that may need extra attention. It can be great for difficult-to-clean stains or areas that have been affected by pets or children. Spot cleaning usually involves manual scrubbing of the affected area with a cloth or brush and a special cleaning solution. This option is great for small spots that need extra attention, and results can be seen almost instantly.

Vacuuming your carpet on the other hand is a preventive measure that should be practiced regularly to eliminate dust and other particulates from your carpet. Vacuuming not only removes dirt, but also lifts dirt from deep within the fibers. Vacuuming should be done twice a week or more, depending on the traffic your carpet experiences. Regular and proper vacuuming will help maintain the carpet’s longevity and keep it looking like new.

Deep Cleaning by Hand

  1. Vacuum thoroughly: Thoroughly vacuum your carpets, first with a deep-cleaning upright vacuum, then with a hand-held vacuum or spot-cleaning machine. Make sure to get the edges and hard-to-reach areas where dirt and grime can hide.
  2. Pre-treat any stains or hidden dirt spots: Apply a pre-treatment solution, usually found in the form of a spray or solution that you apply directly to the affected areas. Let the solution sit for a few minutes to give it time to penetrate the dirt and thoroughly clean the area.
  3. Use a carpet shampooer to clean the carpets: If you don’t own a shampooer, you can rent one from many home improvement stores. Make sure to thoroughly read the instructions for using your carpet shampooer and to follow them carefully.
  4. Let the carpets dry: After shampooing and cleaning your carpets, make sure to wait a few hours or overnight for the carpets to dry fully before using them. This helps prevent any additional dirt from being lodged in the carpets.
  5. Vacuum again: Once the carpets are dry, you should thoroughly vacuum the carpets one more time. By doing this, you can pick up any remaining dirt or grime lodged deep within the carpet fibers.

When To Clean Your Carpet

As a general rule, area carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months. Areas that are high-traffic may need to be cleaned more often to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants before they have a chance to settle into the fibers and cause permanent stains. Make a habit of cleaning them up to every three months.

If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, carpets should be cleaned even more frequently, as recommended by a qualified physician.

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