Change the Battery in the Honda Key Fob: A Handy Guide

by Anne B. Robinson

We all take our key fob power for granted, as the batteries inside last for a significant amount of time. However, no matter how energy efficient the key fob of your Honda is, it’s still bound to run out of battery at some point.

While this might be quite frustrating and inconvenient, you don’t need to visit a professional in order to replace the battery.

Instead, check out this guide where I walk you through everything you need to know in order to change the battery in the Honda key fob. Let’s dive right in!

How to Change the Battery in a Honda Key Fob

Here’s a brief guide to show you how to easily replace the batteries in your Honda key fob:

1. Buy a Suitable Battery for the Key Fob

First, you need to buy proper batteries for your key fob. You can find the right type of battery by checking your car’s manual or online.

In some cases, the type of the battery is written on the back of the key fob, so you should check there first. Ideally, most Honda key fobs will use a single 3 volt coin battery (CR-2032 or CR2025).

batteries cr2032

Image source: Pinterest

If you can’t find enough information or you want to be sure about the right type, you can simply wait until you open up the fob and take the old battery with you while buying. Make sure that you buy multiple batteries, so you don’t have to go back if the batteries are faulty.

2. Open the Honda Key Fob

You can open the key fob in various ways. For older models, you can open it by removing the screws using a jeweler’s screwdriver.

However, in newer models where the key is removable, you can pry it open by removing the key, and attach it in reverse, then turn. The key fob should open right away.

If neither methods are applicable, you can simply pry the key fob open by using a flat screwdriver and turn it gently until you hear a click.

3. Replace the Old Batteries

Now that the key fob is open, make sure that you press down the contents of the key fob to prevent them from falling apart by keeping your thumb on the battery.

Check the orientation of the battery to know where the positive (+) and negative (-) poles sit. Usually, the flat side of the battery should be facing down.

Using your other hand, remove the battery and insert the new batteries in their place. Ideally, you should be wearing latex gloves or avoid touching the terminals to prevent battery corrosion from skin oils.

4. Close the Honda Key Fob

With the battery attached in place, all that’s left is to put the two halves of the honda key fob together.

To do that, simply put the two halves of the key fob together and align them properly, then press gently until they click back together.

If there was a screw, make sure to attach it back, then give the new battery a test run by trying out the different buttons on the key fob.

Wrap Up

With that said, you now know how to change the battery in a Honda key fob. As you can see, the steps to get the job done are pretty easy.

Although the key fob of your honda might slightly vary in terms of design, this guide should apply to the majority of models out there.

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