Consumer Advice for Smartphone Users

by Anne B. Robinson

Smartphones have revolutionized every part of our day-to-day lives, and when it comes to the acquisition of goods and services, this is no different. Mobile sales have accounted for 72.9% of total e-commerce sales.

And in light of this, below, we’re taking a look at some solid advice and strategies that help streamline this process, ensure you’re getting the best deals, and make the most of the robust features of your smart device to stay in the loop.

Get on the OCP train

OCP stands for Online Comparison Platforms. These are a sector of websites and apps designed to scour the internet for the best deals and market rates on goods and services. They bring together all the most reputable organizations operating in a specific sector, enabling consumers to assess the merits and features of each, and compare their rates.

This is a very efficient way of cutting through the noise to arrive at the best deals for you. These are most commonly associated with finance securities and insurance platforms. Organizations of this type, from MoneySupermarket, to The Zebra, each collate over 100 different providers in areas ranging from pets, to travel, home, automotive, and even life insurance.

However, you can find OCPs for virtually every sector. For example, OddsChecker furnishes its patrons with the best no-deposit bonuses out there for online gaming platforms, and PricePirates trawls through thousands of auctions taking place on eBay and Amazon marketplace to serve up compelling opportunities on select products. OCPs are very versatile, and enable you to get an overview of a sector at a glance.

One-stop Shop

Shop is an app available on both iOS and Android that gives an overview of your pending deliveries and e-commerce transactions. It can be tricky to keep track of the various emails detailing delivery windows and dispatch confirmations, especially if you have ordered numbered items from different providers. Shop simply pulls this information from your emails and reorganizes it in a simple, intuitive interface.

Many online stores even work directly with Shop to automate this process, enabling them to confer the detailed delivery information more typically associated with large marketplaces such as Amazon. It’s even possible to store your card details securely within the Shop app, enabling you to go from browsing to check-out and delivery without ever leaving its aesthetically pleasing interface.

You can adjust the notifications on Shop to ensure you’re getting only the updates you need, which is to be commended in our modern world of information overload.

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