Step-by-Step Guide to Convert Your PPT to PDF

by Anne B. Robinson

When it comes to saving your PowerPoint files, you have multiple options. The most common ones are saving the file as a PDF and exporting it to another format like Word or Excel. However, there are also some other options that you should know about. In this article, they will show you how to convert your PPT to PDF in a step-by-step guide so that everyone can understand it easily.

Open the Powerpoint file that you want to convert

First, you need to open the Powerpoint file that you want to convert. If you don’t have any files open in your Powerpoint application, then go ahead and start a new one. You can also do this by going through the File menu on your computer.

Once you open up the file, it will appear on a white screen in front of you with all kinds of different options at the top and bottom of your screen. Remember that these things will not be part of what gets converted into PDF (although some may affect how your output looks).

The next step is exporting this file as PDF so that it can be viewed across multiple devices and browsers with ease.

Select ‘Save As’ option

Once you have completed the steps described above, you will be presented with your newly created PDF document. To save it, click on the Save button (or press CTRL+S).

To select a save location and file name for your new file, follow these steps:

  • Click Save As in the top right corner of PowerPoint.
  • Select a location where you want to save your file by clicking Browse at the bottom of this window.
  • Type in a name for your file into the File Name box at the top of this window and then click Save.

Click on the File Format dropdown menu

To convert your PowerPoint presentation to a PDF, you’ll need to open it as a file in Microsoft Word. Once the file is open, click on the File Format dropdown menu that appears on the left side of the Save As dialog box.

This will reveal options for saving your PowerPoint file as a PDF or other document formats such as an Excel spreadsheet or Word document. The default option is to save your file as a PowerPoint presentation. To save it as a PDF instead, make sure “Portable Document Format” is selected in this dropdown menu, and then proceed with saving your document by clicking Save.

Save your file in PDF

Once you have changed the file format, save your PowerPoint file by clicking on “Save” from the File menu. A new window will open where you can rename and select a location for storing your file (remember to use a unique name for each slide). Tip: If you plan to send out or share these files often, it’s best to create a shared folder and add it as an additional location within PowerPoint.

This way, when anyone saves an image, they will automatically be able to access it later without having to search through their computer files whenever they want to access it. “You can also try Adobe Acrobat Pro free for a few days.”

And you’re done! You can now share the PDF with others, and they will be able to view it in any browser or app.

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