Top 93 Cute Country Boy Names Full of Rustic Charm

by Anne B. Robinson

Becoming a parent is one of the most satisfying feelings you can ever experience in life. It’s even more fulfilling when you give birth to a bouncing baby boy. So, when you are choosing the right name for your baby boy, you need to pick a name that will always remind you of the joy you felt when you first held him in your arms.

This article offers you a list of the top 93 cute country boy names full of rustic charm.

What Are Country Boy Names?

Country boy names are popular boys’ names commonly used in South America. These names are unique, rural, and rugged with a clear reverence paid to Southern traditions, history, and great outdoors. Some of these names are taken from existing Southern cities.

Others are inspired by nature and are used to exhibit the natural beauty and allure of the landscape. Therefore, if you love nature, you can choose a nature-inspired country name for your baby boy. Here are the top 93 cute country boy names that you can pick for your son.

Lists of Country Boy Names

Country Boy Names Inspired by Nature

country boy names inspired by nature

  1. Ardy (Latin origin): It means great woodland.
  2. Banks (English origin): It means one who survives on the riverbank or hillside.
  3. Bayou (Native American origin): It means a small, slow stream.
  4. Benton (English origin): It means bent enclosure of grass.
  5. Bradford (English origin): It means wide river crossing. This name is often shortened to Brad.
  6. Brent (English origin): It means one who dwells near the burnt land.
  7. Brooks (English origin): It means one who is of the brook.
  8. Buck (English origin): It means a male deer.
  9. Burke (French origin): It means from the fortress.
  10. Calhoun (Irish origin): It means from the narrow woodland.
  11. Carson (Irish and Scottish origins): It means son of the marsh dwellers.
  12. Clayton (Old English origin): It means a settlement near the clay pit. It is often shortened to Clay.
  13. Clinton (English origin): This name means a settlement by the cliff’ and is often shortened to Clint.
  14. Clyde (Gaelic origin): It is taken from the River Clyde in Scotland, which runs through Glasgow.
  15. Cole (English origin): It means charcoal.
  16. Connor (Irish origin): It means one who loves hounds.
  17. Finch (American origin): It is named after the colorful songbirds.
  18. Forest (English origin): It is named after and inspired by the rich green forest lands.
  19. Flanner (English origin): It means a person from the flatlands.
  20. Keanu (Hawaiian origin): It means a cool breeze.
  21. Lee (Chinese origin): It means a plum.
  22. Loudoun (German origin): It means from the low valley.
  23. Oakley (English origin): This name means from the clearing by the oak trees or the land of the oaks.
  24. Wylie (English origin): It means fields and meadows that are well watered.

Cute Country Boy Names

cute country boy names

  1. Abbott (Hebrew origin): This name means Father.
  2. Ace (Latin origin): It means unity, one.
  3. Aiden (Irish origin): It means fiery one.
  4. Alfred (English origin): It means wise counsel.
  5. Ambrose (Latin origin): It means one who is immortal.
  6. Arlington (English origin): It means the town of Alffrith.
  7. Art (American origin): It means good at the artwork. Its variations include Arty, Artie and Ardy.
  8. Asher (Hebrew origin): It means blessed, happy.
  9. Atticus (Latin origin): It means man of Attica.
  10. Avery (French origin): It means the one who rules, with the wisdom of the elves. This is a unisex name.
  11. Avis (French origin): This baby boy means the one who rules with the wisdom of the elves and is the male variation of the name Avery.
  12. Axel (Scandinavian origin): It means father of peace.
  13. Baylor (English origin): It means deliverer of goods.
  14. Beau (French origin): It means manly, handsome man.
  15. Blaine (Gaelic origin): It means yellow.
  16. Bonny (Latin origin): Means good. Its variations include Bona, Bonnie, and Bonne.
  17. Boone (French origin): This name means good, special. A variation of Boone is Boon.
  18. Buddy (English origin): It means a friend and is often shortened to Bud.
  19. Callie (Greek origin): It means of great beauty and is a unisex name.
  20. Carter (English, Irish and Scottish origins): This name means one who transports goods using a cart.
  21. Carver (English origin): It means one who carves wood.
  22. Casey (Gaelic origin): It means the brave one.
  23. Cassidy (Irish origin): This name means clever or curly-haired.
  24. Charles (German origin): It means the strong man.
  25. Cletus (Greek origin): It means glory.
  26. Colin (Irish, Gaelic, and Scottish origins): It means a young creature.
  27. Colton (English origin): It means from the coal town or ‘from the dark town and can be shortened to Colt.
  28. Davis (Scottish origin): It means a son of David and a variation is Davidson.
  29. Duke (Anglo-Saxon origin): It means a ruler of men. It’s not a surprise that it serves as a title for royals today.
  30. Deacon (Greek origin): It means a servant or messenger of God.
  31. Earle (English origin): It means a brave warrior and it can be spelled ‘Earl.
  32. Ellis (Hebrew origin): This name means my God is Jehovah.
  33. George (Greek origin): It means gorgeous and a tiller or farmer of the lands in the Middle Ages.
  34. Grady (Gaelic origin): The name Grady means noble, illustrious one.
  35. Greer (Latin origin): It means a guardian angel, watchful one.
  36. Greyson (English origin): It means son of the steward and can be spelled Grayson too.

Rustic Country Boy Names

rustic country boy names

  1. Billy (Old Norman French origin): This name means resolute protector and is a nickname for William.
  2. Cash (Latin origin): It means wealth and is the surname of the celebrated country singer Johnny Cash.
  3. Jeremiah (Hebrew origin): It means the one that God has exalted. Its variations include Jerry, Jeremy and James.
  4. Presley (Old English origin): It means priest and is derived from Prescot.
  5. Roy (French origin): This name means kingly. It’s said that the country music that we enjoy today began with the singer Roy Acuff.
  6. Waylon (English origin): It means an angel from and can also be spelled Waylan.
  7. William (French origin): This name means a valiant and strong-willed warrior.
  8. Austin (Latin origin): This baby boy’s name means majestic, full of dignity. Austin is also the capital of Texas.
  9. Charleston (Old English origin): It means the town of King Charles and is the capital of West Virginia, United States.
  10. Dallas (Irish origin): It means the valley of water and is the name of a city in northeastern Texas.
  11. Houston (English origin): It means town and is the name of a city in Texas.
  12. Jackson (Hebrew origin): It means son of Jack and was commonly used in medieval times, sharing its name with the city in Florida.
  13. Memphis (American origin): This country boy’s name is inspired by a city in Egypt and the port in south-western Tennessee, which share the name.
  14. Raleigh (Anglo-Saxon origin): It means a field of birds and is a popular unisex name, also inspired by the city bearing the same name in North Carolina.
  15. Tennessee (Anglo-Saxon origin): Tennessee is named after the south-eastern state.

Unique Country Boy Names

unique country boy names

  1. Rufus (Latin origin): It means red-headed.
  2. Shelby (English origin): It means from the village or estate.
  3. Skylar (Dutch origin): It means a scholar’ and can also be spelled Skyler.
  4. Sterling (English origin): This name means silver or a little star.
  5. Taylor (English origin): This baby boy’s name means a tailor.
  6. Travis (English origin): It means at crossings or crossroads.
  7. Tyrell (French origin): It means to pull.
  8. Ura (American-Indian origin): It means the heart and is a unisex name.
  9. Vernon (Latin origin): It means to be eternally youthful. It can be shortened to Ernie or Vern.
  10. Walker (English origin): It means a traveler.
  11. Watson (German origin): It means son of Walter and an army ruler.
  12. Wayne (English origin): It means the wagon or cabin driver.
  13. Willow (English origin): This name means freedom and is named after a tree.
  14. Wren (Old English origin): It means a small brown songbird.
  15. Wyatt (English origin): It means brave in war.
  16. Xavier (Arabic, Basque and Spanish origins): It means a warm and gorgeous new home.
  17. Yates (English origin): It means a gatekeeper.
  18. Zeke (Hebrew origin): It means God strengthens.

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