How to Read Danielle Steel Books in Order: Comprehensive Guide

by Anne B. Robinson

Danielle Steel is a renowned American writer, most celebrated for her iconic romance and suspense writing style. As one of the bestselling writers alive, Danielle has published hundreds of books, most of which have sold millions of copies.

With such a long bibliography, it’s rather difficult to know where to start when reading Danielle’s books. This article provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to read Danielle Steel books in order.

Introduction to Danielle Steel Books

Born in 1947 in New York, United States, Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel has sold over 800 million copies of her best books, which makes her the best-selling author alive and the fourth most successful fiction novelist of all time. So far, she has written 176 books, 146 of which are novels.

The 74-year-old writer, who is currently based in California, is also known to publish several books a year, sometimes even handling five projects simultaneously. Although she lacks critical acclaim, all her novels are highly successful, including those given out in hardback.

Her writing style has remained consistent over the years, mainly focusing on wealthy families that are facing all manner of disasters, including being threatened by murky elements such as prison, blackmail, suicide, fraud, among others.

She has also published several children’s fiction and poetry books, as well as running numerous fundraising campaigns to help treat people with mental disorders. It is also important to mention that her books have been translated into 43 languages, with 22 of them being adapted for film. Two of her books have also been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards.

Danielle Steel’s Biography

Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel was born in 1947 to a German father, John Schulein-Steel, who was a German-Jewish migrant, and a Portuguese mother, Norma da Carmara Stone dos Reis, the daughter of a Portuguese diplomat. Although she was born in New York, Steel spent most of her childhood in France. While growing up, she used to attend elegant dinner parties with her parents, where she got accustomed to the lifestyle of the wealthy and prominent families.

Steel developed an interest in writing when she was still very young. As a teenager, she had already started writing poetry. In 1965, Steel graduated from the Lycée Français de New York. She later attended Parsons School of Design and the New York University, where she studies literature design and fashion design.

Steel got married in 1965 at the age of 18 to a French-American banker, Claude-eric Lazard. She published her first novel, Going Home, in 1972. The novel, which contained most of the plots that have made her work so popular, focused on family issues and human relationships. Her second and third books, Passion’s Promise and Now and Forever, were inspired by her terrible marriage experience.

While still married to Lazard, Steel moved in with Danny Zugelder, who she met in prison while interviewing an inmate. She later divorced Lazard and officially married Zugelder in a prison canteen. But she divorced him three years later.

How to Read Danielle Steel Books in Order

First of all, it is important to mention that most of Danielle Steel’s books are standalone. Additionally, she mainly writes in the romance genre with a lot of suspense. If you want to read Danielle Steel’s bestselling books, here is a guide to help read them in the right order.

Start with the Most Loved Danielle Steel Books

1. Safe Harbour (2003)

safe harbour

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This book talks about matt Bowles, who immediately realizes that his life is about to change when he meets 11-year-old Pip Mackenzie on the beach. Pip resembles his daughter, who is in the custody of his wife following their divorce. He offers to teach Pip how to draw, which draws him closer to Pip’s mother Ophelie.

2. Kaleidoscope (1987)


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This book tells the story of three orphans of a French woman and an American actor, who are separated when their parents die. The three are adopted by three different families, exposing them to different lives. But they are later brought together by fate when they are old enough to confront painful truths and recover from the devastating loss of their family.

3. Sisters (1986)


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This book follows four sisters as they pursue very different paths in life while living in a rented brownstone in New York. Although they have all lost close friends, romantic partners, and pets, their bond still remains strong. And although they eventually go their separate ways, they do not forget the memories they shared in New York.

4. Summer’s End (1979)

summer's end

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This book is the mark of the beginning of Steel’s writing career. It tells the story of a young woman Deanna, who marries a Frenchman and together they give birth to a daughter. However, Deanna is unhappy with the marriage and decides to elope with another man. Unfortunately, their relationship doesn’t last long.

Read Iconic Drama and Suspense Danielle Steel Books

5. Zoya (1988)


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This book tells the story of Zoya, the cousin of a Russian Tsar, as she escapes to Paris after the Russian Revolution. While in France, she gets into Ballet Rouse, where she trains to become a prolific dancer. The book follows her through all her ups and downs in life until she breathes her last.

6. Malice (1996)


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This book tells the story of Grace Adams, who decides to remain silent even after being attacked on the night of her mother’s funeral because she fears that the crime would bring to light a lot of secrets. However, she risks everything, including her secrets and safety, when she meets Charles Mackenzie, a lawyer who offers to help her heal.

7. The Promise (1978)

the promise

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This book tells the story of Michael Hillyard, who wants to marry Nancy MacAllister against all odds. But they are separated a few minutes before their wedding by an accident and a terrible misunderstanding. Even as they settle into their new lives, they still miss each other and struggle to keep their vow never to say goodbye.

8. Accidental Heroes (2018)

accidental heroes

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This book tells the story of TSA agent Bernice, who is forced to bypass his bosses to contact homeland security after he notices a cryptic postcard bearing an image of the Golden Gate Bridge at JFK. The book takes you on a nail-biting race against time through the eyes of ordinary people who find themselves abruptly at the front of a heroic rescue mission. This proved that heroes can come from unexpected places.

Read Danielle Steel Books About the Power of Friendship and Family

9. 44 Charles Street (2011)

44 charles street

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This book tells the story of the tragic and joyful moments experienced by the tenants at the apartment on 44 Charles Street. Although this apartment has its flaws, it has been home to all categories of people for the most significant years of their lives. These tenants have gone through many experiences at the hands of their landlord, who is a struggling art gallery owner.

10. Fine Things (1987)

fine things

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This book follows a senior VP of Wolf’s department store, Bernie Fine, as he moves to San Francisco to open his first office on the West Coast. But although he has a successful career, Bernie still feels empty in the most important areas of his life. Fortunately, he meets Liz, a single mother, and her daughter, who makes him feel whole. Sadly, a tragedy takes Liz away from him, leaving him completely broken.

11. The Apartment (2016)

the apartment

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This book tells the story of four young women, who, by fate or by chance, become roommates at a turning point in their lives in New York. The four women are pursuing four completely different career paths, including shoe design, finance, medicine, and writing.

Over time, they form a strong bond that makes more than just friends. But at the back of their minds, they know that someday their career paths might separate them forever and take them away from the apartment.

12. All That Glitters (2020)

all that glitters

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This is one of the latest books by Danielle Steel. It tells the story of Coco, who loses everything she loves in an instant, forcing her to leave behind her sheltered childhood, quickly. In short, the book tells the story of flawed lives dotted with foolish choices, but that’s what makes us human, right?

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