5 Easy DIY Home Decorating Ideas to Transform Your Space

by Anne B. Robinson

Decorating your space becomes more enjoyable when you implement do-it-yourself solutions. You can establish a creative and inviting space by incorporating a few projects you complete yourself. For tips on getting started, here are five easy DIY home decorating ideas to transform your space totally.

1. Make Your Own Abstract Art

Making your own abstract art is a fun activity to elevate your space for cheap. Purchase a large poster board from your local art store and paint the day away using easy painting techniques. You’ll end up with a conceptual masterpiece that is entirely your own.

You might even implement some cardboard pieces or magazine cutouts to create a collage effect for your art. Get creative and have fun making your abstract art specific to your style and the colors of the room it will be displayed in.

Once you’ve finished, you can decorate your wall with your piece and take your space to a new level. You can also purchase custom canvas prints of your loved ones and create a photo gallery. The possibilities are endless.

2. Whitewash Your Old Furniture

If you have some old furniture you’ve wanted to fix, consider whitewashing it to give it a fresh look. Go for a shabby-chic style and paint old dressers, end tables, and other wooden furniture to bring bohemian vibes into your space.

Shabby chic is also used for French décor if that is not your style. All you need is sandpaper to sand down any rough edges, some white paint, and a paintbrush, and you’re good to go.

3. Paint Your Walls Or Paint A Feature Wall

For an essential decorative upgrade, paint your walls a new color. You can even keep them the color they are and paint one accent wall to open up the space in your living room.

For instance, keeping all the walls in your living room white except for one painted black feature wall can create variety in your space. You can then implement attractive pendant lighting onto the ceiling area nearest to the wall you painted black to elevate the ambiance of your room.

4. Install Simple Shelving

You can find lightweight décor shelves to install on your wall for extra storage space. Head to your favorite home decor store and purchase the shelving you like. Then, follow the easy install directions and plan out your decorating. You can place a succulent and some books on your shelves, a few framed pictures, etc.

Simple solutions like do-it-yourself shelving make it easy to dress up bland walls in no time. Look at shelf installation tutorials online to get insight on how to get started on this DIY project.

5. Add Hairpin Legs To Your Table

Replace your old table legs with hairpin legs for a sophisticated and trendy vibe. You can purchase hairpin legs for cheap online and install them using basic tools. Watch tutorials online for help with the installation, but this project should only take an hour or so to complete.

In the end, you’ll have an updated, trendy table. Be sure to look for table legs in the colors you want, or consider painting them if you can’t find any already in the shades you want. Typically, you can find hairpin legs in metal and black.

Use Your Creativity To Upgrade Your Home Decorating

Making your home more decorative doesn’t have to cost a lot! Finding simple DIY home decorating projects is easier than you think. Use your creativity to develop your own ideas, and consider the above five home improvement DIY projects for inspiration.

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