Does Medicare Cover Physical Therapy in the US?

by Anne B. Robinson

Having gained considerable importance in treating ailments of various kinds, many people wonder if Medicare Covers Physical Therapy in the US. Today we are going to break down this topic and give you coherent information regarding this activity that is so practiced at all times.

People of all ages, with some type of disability, but especially older adults in general, can face a wide variety of physical challenges that often require comprehensive and personalized treatment.

That is why on this occasion, we will talk about one of the most appropriate and important health treatments for all types of patients, so you can be aware of how much does physical therapy cost and whether Medicare can support it.

What is Medicare?

It is a comprehensive and federal medical-social coverage program administered by the United States government to provide medical care to older people over 65 years of age, as well as to younger people who are experiencing health problems, relatively serious.

Alternatively, if a patient does not yet meet the requirements to be eligible for Medicare coverage, they may choose to enroll in alternative programs such as a Medicare bridge plan or Temporary Health Insurance, or if they recently moved to the country, a travel insurance policy may help.

But what is physical therapy and what are its benefits?

A comprehensive physical therapy program can help patients – especially older ones – improve their quality of life in several ways. Among some examples, we can mention:

  • Manage pain: Patients who experience pain associated with fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, and arthritis, among other muscle ailments can find a way to relieve it through physical therapy.
  • Strengthen skills for independent living: Physical therapy helps maintain and improve mobility, thus promoting and facilitating the performance of daily living tasks: maintaining personal hygiene, doing laundry, preparing meals, or cleaning the house.
  • Prevent falls and injuries: A more balanced, more flexible, and stronger body runs less risk of injury. Coordination exercises, similar to yoga poses, help patients improve their range of motion and balance, thus preventing injuries and falls.
  • Another extremely important benefit is less dependency on opioid analgesics or other pharmacological drugs.

Regarding the main question that concerns us, if physical therapy is covered by Medicare, the answer is YES. Do not hesitate to take full advantage of the benefits of your Medicare plan.

Remember that recovery treatments for any ailment are personalized and tailored to your possibilities.

You don’t know well what your Medicare plan includes

However, despite these benefits, many patients today still do not receive physical therapy treatment for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that, in general, people think that these physiotherapy treatments are too expensive and they cannot afford them.

Another reason is that the vast majority of patients do not know how to use or take advantage of their health plan or insurance.


Physical therapy as a health science allows patients, through certain physical and even holistic treatments, to recover not only the movement of some part of the body but also teaches patients to treat themselves through different techniques or training.

Does Medicare Cover Physical Therapy in the US? The answer is Yes. And if you still have doubts about whether your health plan or insurance includes physical therapy treatments, don’t think twice.

Call the closest physical therapy clinic to your residence and ask them whether Medicare can cover their services. They will be happy to help, and you can immediately start scheduling your appointments.

Being a therapy that helps you reverse physical trauma, it is a medical method that helps to recover the lifestyle of patients and even improve it.

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