Mother Earth is Calling! Here are Eco-Friendly Suggestions For Every Star Sign

by Anne B. Robinson

Go green with your star sign! Try these tips that are matched to each sign’s traits.


Aires are bold, fiery, and brash. As a fire sign and a trendsetter, it makes sense that those born under Aires Rising do well with solar power. You can start with just a few solar panels to supplement your power usage or convert your entire home. Either way, the earth – and your energy bill – will thank you.


Taurus finds peace and relaxation outdoors, surrounded by nature. This sign should do activities that get them outside and let them give back to Mother Earth, like volunteering for beach cleanups.


Gemini teaches us about the duality of nature and the world around us. They show us how humans can co-exist in harmony with nature, which is why Gemini is so good at adapting eco-friendly technology like electronic vehicles or hydroponic gardening.


Cancer are highly adaptable but often keep their guard up until their trust has been earned. Cancer does best with green practices with a well-studied and proven track record, like using public transit, buying locally-grown produce, and switching to energy lights for their oasis of a home.


Leos are known for their passion and dedication to ideas and causes that they care about. When a Leo is inspired, they can’t help but inspire those around them. Try volunteering with local groups or environmental centers – it will be a very rewarding experience!


Virgos are methodical, hardworking perfectionists. These traits make them good at recycling – the right way. With a little research, Virgo’s is great at separating waste into its proper recycling category so everything can be correctly disposed of.


Libra stands for balance and justice, which makes this star sign a force to be reckoned with when advocating for environmental causes. Whether raising awareness of issues, advocating to lawmakers, or attending protests, a Libra will make their voice heard.


Scorpios tend to be elusive and prefer to fly under the radar. This sign does well with low-key green practices like using reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and straws, and eliminating their consumption of single-use plastics.


Sagittarius loves the pursuit of knowledge – and sharing what they’ve learned. That makes them great at public outreach and environmental education. See if you can volunteer with any local organizations and participate in a knowledge exchange!


Capricorns are patient and don’t like to rush around. This sign often finds relaxation from spending time in nature – consider grounding eco-friendly hobbies like bird watching, hiking, or going on nature walks.


Aquarius are innovators who yearn to improve the world every day. They’re great at adapting new practices and technology like wind and solar energy.


Pisces are empathic and sensitive to the world around them, making them great gardeners! Consider planting local native plants in your yard or making pollinator-friendly gardens to support local bee populations.

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