Four Top Tips To Enjoy Travelling With A Group

by Anne B. Robinson

Going traveling can be a truly magical and life-changing journey, but it can be daunting going alone, which is why many of us join travel groups, meet new people and potentially develop friendships that last a lifetime.

For those that are a little more introverted or shy, getting involved in such groups can be a little more tricky, but there are ways to navigate that and enjoy traveling with a group, and here are a few tips to help you do so…

Explain your situation and circumstances

First up, it’s important to get to know one another, and that can often involve pulling no punches in order for people to understand your circumstances. Many people pack up and go traveling on their own for a reason, and it could be one of a number of reasons.

While perhaps you shouldn’t go too heavy too quickly, it can be really important to establish some facts about each other. For example, if someone has recently been to an addiction treatment centre, then you shouldn’t really be offering them a drink of beer – it could make the trip life-changing for all the wrong reasons.

Equally, if someone has just come out of a relationship, then chances are they’re not going to be thinking romantically about people on the trip.

By learning people’s stories, it’ll allow you to know how to treat people and be a lot more empathetic and engaged in their emotions.

Listen to everyone

Like in any sort of group scenario, there will often be people who make themselves heard more than others. That can be especially the case when it comes to deciding on activities to enjoy and such like. Ensure that everyone gets their opportunity to put forward ideas, and it will help prevent any splinter groups or resentment towards others.

Find common grounds

We get on with people most when we have something in common, so we take an interest in their interests and find common ground between individuals. It’ll help pass the time on long hikes, transport rides, and across evenings, helping create friendships, while also potentially helping you find things to do in the various places you visit.

Be supportive

We’re all going through different things, all at different stages in our lives, so it’s important to acknowledge that and be supportive as a group. It’s almost like forming a temporary and mini support group, that can pick people up when they’re down, comfort them when they’re homesick, and provide them with a laugh when that’s the last thing they’re thinking about.

It’s perhaps the most important thing of all, and will bond you to people and the group as a whole, creating an open, honest and encouraging environment where people feel safe.

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