Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started With Online Slots

by Anne B. Robinson

At their basic level, all slot games follow the same principles. Yet signing up for an online provider can be complicated. With a huge range of games on offer, each with individual rules and terminology, you can quickly become lost. Add this to the welcome bonuses and sometimes the confusion can mean it can be easier to go and do something else.

However, with a little work, you can easily cut through the noise and find great providers. To get the one right for you, read our essential guide to getting started with online slots.

Types of Slot Games

The first thing you need to wrap your head around is the types of online slots available. If you are starting, you need to go for a wide variety, ranging from simple, retro slot games to more complex ones. This allows you to grow as a player, increasing the complexity as you learn more. The online slot games at Paddy’s provide a wide range that is very welcoming to beginners and seasoned professionals alike, which is common across the industry.

Basic slots are a great place to start. They have three reels and don’t usually have bonus features or progressive jackpots. With their classic symbols of fruit, gold bars, and card symbols, you can begin to understand the basic game, which involves matching symbols on the reel for different payouts.

Increased Reels

The main way developers begin to improve their slot games and add interest is to increase the number of reels. As this increases, the ways you can win inevitably go up. This is known as the pay line.

Of course, the more there are the more complicated the games get. Some branded systems, such as Megaways, have thousands of ways in which you can win but require a strong knowledge of the game.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots take a small amount from each game played. This goes into a huge pot, which is won by one lucky person. Access to progressive jackpots is usually unlocked through bonus rounds within the games themselves.

These jackpots can be massive, as games don’t just collect money from their machine. They may link to others on the same casino or link with others around the country or world. This money then goes into the jackpot, which ends up being a grand total. However, they are hard to get to and few people win them.

Choosing a Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are often very generous to players of slots. Free spins are one of the main offers, so you can shop around to see which casinos provide the most. You should always check the small print. Some may only allow you to play certain games, or free spins may restrict some playability, such as access to bonus rounds.

If you plan to play for a long time and make multiple deposits, then see how the casino rewards second, third, and even fourth deposits. They may allow you more free spins as you put more money in. Many will also match any funds deposited up to a certain amount, so you can play using the credit of the house for a certain time.

As you can see, there are various tips you can take advantage of as you familiarise yourself with the world of online slots. However, please remember that while having fun, please observe the relevant local laws.

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