Hockey Players Who Play In The Casino

by Anne B. Robinson

Sports and gambling have become closer today. More sportsmen find their interest in various betting options, which are offered at brick-and-mortar venues and gambling clubs on the Web. One of the categories of sportsmen, who are extremely fond of casinos, is hockey players.

Athletes choose various options to enjoy. In our article, we will observe the most popular gambling options and speak about the most famous punters among NHL representatives.

Why Do They Gamble?

For sportsmen, gambling is a wonderful hobby, which has much in common with sports. Speaking about hockey players, they have a special attitude toward gambling venues and the options they offer. Many of them are passionate fans of gambling. And it’s not without reason:

  • They can relieve stress. Gambling venues represent a whole new world of entertainment. They have a special atmosphere and help athletes forget about the tension they usually experience.
  • They can feel the adrenaline. The latest is one of the important aspects of their lives in general. They feel it when playing professionally and they want to feel it when enjoying their hobbies. Gambling gives a unique opportunity to take a risk and feel excited.
  • They can make extra cash. Gambling can bring money in the case of luck. In addition, there’re games, which can be played successfully if punters are well-trained. Besides, hockey players are extremely good at sports and know a lot about various types of them. As a result, they can bet on matches and competitions quite successfully and earn money.
  • To promote casinos. Many athletes become brand ambassadors for certain gaming venues (both land-based and Internet ones). They can attend such venues, play casino games presented in them, and participate in various promotional events and campaigns.
  • They can have fun when punters are gambling, time flies. It’s an exciting pastime, which can bring positive emotions. Gamble games are interesting, so athletes can spend hours playing. In addition, modern brick-and-mortar venues offer diverse additional services, so punters can eat delicious snacks, drink luxurious beverages, or enjoy other extra options.

Athletes’ Favorite Games

The collection of gambling games is great and diverse, especially when it concerns Internet gaming venues with hundreds of video, 3D, and live dealer products. Hockey players are very selective, so they are not ready to play every single casino game. Let’s observe the most popular options among such athletes:

Gambling option Description
Slots It’s one of the simplest and most popular casino options. Such gaming products are diverse, especially when we speak about gaming clubs on the Web. There’re slots, which are devoted to hockey or other sports and even feature legendary athletes. Modern products are extremely realistic, offer various extra functions, and pay generous rewards.
Poker While this card game is popular across the world, it’s not a surprise that many hockey players are also very fond of it. More advanced punters can try themselves in real tournaments, while newbies can enjoy video poker, which is a much easier variation of the game. Poker is represented by different types, so every athlete can choose a perfect one.
Sports betting Being experienced in sports, NHL representatives are professionals, who can predict the outcome of many sports events. Such athletes prefer making stakes on football, which brings them lots of extra money. It’s important to mention that it’s prohibited for them to bet on NHL games. At the same time, it’s allowed to make stakes on any other sports.
Horseracing It’s a wonderful and even a sort of noble sport. Many athletes are charmed by it. Some of them even purchase horses to immerse themselves in the horseracing world even deeper.

Ice-hockey Players Who Gamble

Consider the list of the most passionate gamblers among NHL representatives:

  1. Wayne Gretzky. He’s a former professional player and coach. The man is considered one of the greatest members of the NHL ever. He managed to beat many records and win a great number of rewards during his career. The athlete is very fond of gambling and practices various types of activities. Once, he even bought a few racing horses. He is also featured in diverse casino games on the Web, so his fans can easily find an online casino PayID withdrawal or other comfortable banking options to test those marvelous games.
  2. Roberto Luongo. He used to be a professional goaltender for several NHL teams. Another passion of this athlete is poker. The man frequently takes part in various tournaments – both small and great ones. Besides, he is a really good person, who spends the money won on charity. In addition, he supports children in need and other people.
  3. Adam Foote. He was a professional player and coach in the past. In 2002, the athlete took part in the Olympics and obtained a medal. In the 2000s, he was frequently noticed as a participant in multiple charity poker tournaments. Being a fan of gambling, Adam is another athlete with a pure soul.
  4. Gino Odjick. He used to play for several well-known teams and has a reputation as an excellent former hockey player. The man is a great fan of poker, so he uses his aggressive style in this casino game as well. The athlete also spends the money won on charity.
  5. Jaromír Jágr. He is a Check player, who used to play for a few NHL teams. The man is called the most productive sportsman from Europe, who has ever played for the National League. He adores making stakes on sports, especially football. Once, he even managed to win quite a considerable sum.


With the great interest in gambling among hockey players, such people are different compared to footballers or basketballers. The majority of NHL representatives have fun while playing. They don’t continue gambling to win more or lose. They spend money on charity. Such an attitude towards casinos demonstrates their responsibility and good traits of character.

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