How Social Media Can Make Your Business Go Viral?

by Anne B. Robinson

As of this year, there are more than 4.2 billion active users across various social media apps and platforms. This means that more people are using social media platforms than anything else currently available on the internet. For businesses, this is great news. Why? Because social media also welcomes companies and brands to market themselves on their platforms.

Thus, in today’s world, it is almost obligatory to create and establish one’s business presence on social media. In this article, we will take a closer look at how social media can make your business go viral. But before we jump in, students reading this should also know that they can now use services from several top platforms for their academic work.

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In no particular order, here are 10 ways how social media can make your business go viral.

1. Reaching Your Customers Directly & Quickly

At present, around 59% of people around the world use social media platforms in one form or another. Another interesting statistic is that every user spends an average of two and a half hours each day on social media. This means that businesses can leverage various social media platforms to find and target their audience and customers directly on them. When executed well, businesses can post their best content, reach customers directly, and go viral.

2. SEO Optimized Content Can Receive More Impressions & Traffic

One of the best ways of going viral is through optimizing one’s business content for various social media platforms and search engines. Businesses should always optimize their content with the best SEO practices to boost the overall veracity of their work. Content that is optimized with SEO can go viral even after significant periods of being posted. Some of the best SEO practices are keyword research and selection, backlinking, applying meta tags and descriptions, and more.

3. Marketing Your Brand & Receiving More Brand Recognition

With the rise of social media platforms, it is now easier than ever to not only share but also create some of the best content on the internet. Today’s social media platforms offer a slew of tools and tutorials to create engaging content, such as eye-catching videos, animated GIFs, and more. From short questionnaires and voting polls to private messaging and comment sections, social media has got everything. All of these features and more can be used to boost one’s brand recognition and go viral.

4. Purpose Driven & Value Driven Marketing Gets More Attention

One of the best ways of driving more engagement to one’s content and business is by providing something of value. Businesses need to research and learn more about their audience before creating content. This way, they can know what kind of content their audience would engage with most. Purpose and value-driven content will always attract customers who are interested in one’s business and products.

5. Directly Engaging with Your Audience

Promoting content through social media also enables businesses to build personal connections with their customers. People love to have a more direct and personal approach when it comes to service. Businesses can not only showcase their products and services on social media but can also engage and talk to customers. This can be done in a variety of ways like commenting on posts, direct messages with customers, and more. Most social media platforms also promote community building which is an essential element of going viral often.

6. Boosting or Promoting One’s Content

To get the most out of our paid social media advertising, businesses should first know where they can find the majority of their audience. Once they know which platform to target, they should conduct tests to check which type of content resonates most with their initial or base audience. Based on the results, they can then choose the best (forms of) content to boost or promote. With the right set of targeting tools provided by social media platforms, one can reach the right audience and go viral.

7. Keeping Up with New Content Styles & Trends

Nothing works as well on social media as being unique, catchy, and trendy. This is a known strategy. The ones who go viral produce content according to certain standards and protocols. For example, following popular trends on social media can quickly draw eyes to one’s business account or profile. And based on the aesthetics and value provided on one’s page, one can also retain those visiting as customers.

8. Increased Prospects for User Generated Content (UGC)

Another way of going viral on social media is through making use of User Generated Content (UGC). Although this is a relatively new term and technique, it has been taking social media by storm in recent years. User Generated Content is content created by users; this much is obvious. But the main twist is that this content is created by users to promote a particular business and its products or services creatively. UGC helps businesses directly connect to their users’ audience and followers.

9. Better Audience Targeting Facilities

Most social media platforms earn a majority of their income through advertising from businesses. And to get more businesses to advertise, they need to provide all the necessary facilities and tools so they can succeed. One of the most found mechanisms on most social media platforms for businesses is their targeting facilities and tools. Through it, businesses can tap into the best and most relevant audiences to get the most traffic and views. Thus, better targeting helps businesses go viral.

10. Generating Useful Audience & Customer Data

It is no secret that one can find a plethora of information on the internet about any topic at any given time. Because of this massive overload, it has become more than necessary to advertise or market one’s content smartly and strategically. This means that businesses should only work based on hard data and facts to get the most out of their social media presence. Big Data, Data & Analytics, and more are some of the ways through which businesses can source useful information and go viral.

The Bottom Line

Social media is definitely a boon to every business in the world today. Through it, they can not only connect with their existing customers but also attract and reach broader audiences. But to make the most out of social media, one needs to learn at least some of its most useful features and facilities. The above list should give businesses enough insight into how they can use social media to go viral.

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