How to Create The Perfect Games Room?

by Anne B. Robinson

Whether you’ve visited a casino in-person, or just seen representations of these impressive venues in popular culture, there’s a good chance you’ll have been enchanted by the bright lights, iconic sounds, and glamorous décor of traditional gaming establishments. Casinos are often perceived as luxurious locations, where players can relax, feel well catered for, and gamble in a safe environment.

As a consequence, many individuals who regularly frequent casinos wish to replicate this experience in a domestic setting, and subsequently create fully-furbished games rooms within their homes. Clearly, these renovations differ in size and scope, from small cubby holes with a single gaming table, to giant open-plan areas facilitating a wide range of gambling activities and additional amenities.
Use our handy list of tips below to help create your perfect games room, tailored to your specific needs and requirements:

Atmosphere and environment

A games room is not just about what items are inside of it; it’s also about how it feels. Think about the vibe you wish to generate, and the measures you’ll need to take in order to achieve this. This may involve decorating the room in a certain way, or using specific types of soft furnishings or ornaments to land a particular theme or style. If you really want to establish an authentic casino atmosphere, you may even stipulate that guests must adhere to a formal dress code!

By signing-up to an online gambling platform, you’ll be able to play an array of table games and slot titles, and sample many of the sights and sounds one would typically associate with brick-and-mortar casinos. Furthermore, operators like Betfair regularly afford new and existing members access to bonus offers, such as free spins, deposit matches, and daily prizes – click here to see the latest casino promotions from Betfair.

Find the most appropriate space

How you want your games room to look – and indeed feel – purely comes down to personal preference, logistical space, and budgetary constraints. Unfortunately, given the costs involved, not everyone will have the financial capacity to construct their own games room.

It’s likely you’ll be limited by the amount of available/potentially convertible rooms you have at your disposal, but it’s clearly important to locate a suitable area. The room must be spacious enough to accommodate the equipment you’re planning to install and have the right ambiance.

Consider the games you want to play

It may seem a fairly straightforward notion, but it’s vital to assess which gambling verticals most interest you – and therefore what props/equipment you’ll need – at the planning and design stage. For example, slot machines require power, ample space, and occasional maintenance, and are therefore usually positioned adjacent to walls and pillars; if you haven’t accounted for these requirements when formulating your room layout, you may end up with several headaches.

Don’t forget the little things

When delivering such a large-scale project, it’s easy to overlook those small but essential items. Make sure your gaming tables are kitted out with plenty of card decks, your roulette station has spare wheel balls in case some get lost, and any bars or dining areas are stocked with refreshments – little things make a big difference.

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