Style Guide: How to Dress Your Baby Boy for His First Photoshoot

by Anne B. Robinson

Being a parent to a newborn means working your brain over time. There are just too many decisions that you cannot rely on other people to make on your behalf and too many questions that keep popping up in your head, driving you to frantically hunt for answers everywhere.

One such important question that plagues the minds of new moms is: how to dress my child for his or her first photoshoot? Dressing up girls is usually easier because of the abundance of different types of clothes and accessories available that you can style in many different ways. However, finding the right outfit for your boy’s first photoshoot can be a bit challenging.

To help you decide on the ideal baby boy clothes for the occasion, we have prepared an elaborate style guide for you. So, keep reading!

What Should Your Baby Boy Wear on His First Photoshoot?

Opt For Pastels

Pastel colors have a soft feel to them and hence look the best on newborn babies. Plus, these hues look beautiful on every skin tone and enhance the delicate features of your baby, lending photos a natural and calming appearance.

So, choose a pastel color for your baby boy, such as a light blue onesie or swaddle, as it is not only a perfectly safe choice to go with but also looks wonderful in the photographs.

Choose a Neutral Color Scheme

Like pastels, neutral hues also enhance photographs by giving them a stylish appearance. However, you should choose a color scheme that complements your baby’s skin tone rather than blending with it and giving the photographs a washed-out look.

For example, avoid blacks and browns if your baby has a dark complexion. In this case, cool neutrals such as taupe and ivory will look the best on your baby. If your baby has a fairer skin tone, you should sidestep pale hues and go for warm neutrals like beige or tan. Lastly, if your baby has an olive skin tone, you can work with both cool and warm neutrals.

Add a Pop of Color

add a pop of color

Adding a pop of color can brighten up a picture and make it appear more lively. For instance, if you are making your baby wear a soft blue onesie, you can pair it up with a navy blue swaddle or a blanket.

The correct way to decide on a good color contrast is to start by picking the base color according to your baby’s skin tone and then choose a brighter hue that will complement that base color.

You can also loosely wrap up your baby in a printed blanket or swaddle to add a little bit of excitement to the pictures. However, make sure you don’t do print-on-print as it can look overwhelming on a newborn baby.


Since simple cotton rompers and swaddles are the best outfit options for a newborn baby, you cannot experiment much with the look except for changing its color. However, you may utilize hats to add a little bit of character to the photographs.

So, use caps with prints or even plain ones in contrasting color tones to give the baby’s entire appearance—and consequently the pictures—a touch of vibrancy.

Animal Onesies

You can completely ditch the idea of a formal theme and go with something more interesting and eccentric. After all, the purpose of pictures is to preserve happy memories that are also fun to look at.

To add an exciting twist to your baby boy’s first photoshoot, you can choose a cute animal onesie, or even an animal-printed onesie, and use appropriate props and settings to create a jungle theme.

This is a very low-effort look to create as animal onesies are easy to find in stores as well as online. Plus, it is a great idea to make your baby’s first-ever photoshoot memorable.

What Not to Dress Your Baby In?

As a parent, you should prioritize the comfort of your baby. Therefore, make sure you do not make them wear clothes that are made of synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon.

Your baby boy should appear uniquely himself at his first photoshoot. Due to the overwhelming appearance that print-on-print can have, try to avoid using several clothing items with prints on them. Last but not the least, steer clear of putting accessories on the baby’s tender skin because they might lead to scratches or bruises.

To Sum It up

Bringing a baby into this world and seeing them grow in front of your eyes is a very emotional experience. It makes you want to freeze every delightful moment along the way so you can look back at your journey and reminisce about the good memories.

This is why parents pay special attention to baby photoshoots and fret over every tiny detail. However, if you are in the same boat, you may relax knowing that we have figured out what to have your baby boy wear for his first photoshoot, so you have one less thing to worry about!

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