How To Wear A Crew Neck With A Blazer?

by Anne B. Robinson

A crewneck t-shirt and a blazer can be one of the best combinations a man can wear.

However, unless you follow some guidelines, you may end up looking like Don Johnson in Miami Vice (unless it’s your goal, in that case – go ahead!).

So whether you’re looking for ways to try new outfits or need a few new ideas, keep reading as we’re sharing tips about how to wear a crewneck with a blazer.

Get the right tee

First of all, let’s talk about the t-shirt. It’s 50% of your top, and you need to make sure you get it right.

Generally, we recommend choosing a slim-fit tee that hugs your body and doesn’t scrunch up under the blazer.

Secondly, you usually want a monochrome t-shirt to avoid the clash of patterns and straight-up bad combinations: no graphics, no logos, no huge embroidery. The most you can get away with is a tiny, almost invisible logo.

Lastly, always go for high-quality tees like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees, so you look put together and stylish no matter what.

The best fabrics for your crewneck are cotton, cotton, poly blend, and linen for the summer. Make sure the fabric is lightweight yet not too thin, so your chest hair doesn’t poke through!


Now that you have the right tee, let’s move to the blazer. You want to get the length and fit right, so it doesn’t look like you’ve outgrown your prom blazer or are wearing your dad’s jacket for fun.

Remember that your blazer should not be too long yet not too short (never above your waist), and your sleeves end in the middle of the wrist.

When it comes to the fit, it depends on your preferences, but we recommend a slim-fit blazer over oversized ones that take too much effort to look good.

Remember that a fitting blazer doesn’t mean you’re wrapped like a burrito, so don’t be afraid to size up for comfort.

When in doubt, ask yourself whether the blazer is flattering to your body shape, highlighting the best of you, or does it look like you’re trying too hard.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of unstructured blazers that don’t have inner padding, working or linings, you’re freer to experiment.

Color coordination

While we have nothing against bright colors, getting your tee, blazer, and bottoms coordinated can be tricky if you go for something very bold and splashy.

That’s why the best way to avoid any faux pas is to either stick to neutrals or choose one item to be of bold color. This means it’s either a purple blazer or a purple tee!

Otherwise, our favorite options are classic navy, camel, chocolate, olive, gray, pale blue, and linen for summer.


Okay, welcome to the last part of the formula. We’ve got the right crewneck tee and blazer, and you’ve figured out the colors.

While a pair of simple classic jeans can do the trick for casual occasions, and if you opt for an unstructured blazer, you may want to consider other options for more stylish looks. Keep your jeans slim and straight, and stay away from oversized or skinny styles.

Keep the same color coordination rules in mind when choosing between chinos and slacks for work and work-related events.

If you’re going to a smart-casual gathering, opt for linen, slub cotton, or other lightweight garments in the summer.

We’re talking about something you’re comfortable in at all times, yet don’t look too sloppy! Don’t forget to add a belt and classy accessories like a watch or bracelet.

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