Here’s How You Can Spend Your Time in Florida!

by Anne B. Robinson

Florida is a dream state for many. The sunny days, the beaches, and the beautiful places to visit – all these aspects make Florida an ideal state for people to live in. This sunshine state has so much to offer to its visitors and residents.

So, how can you spend your time well in Florida as a resident or tourist? Is it only limited to swimming with the dolphins or visiting Disneyland? Let’s find out:

Things Floridians Do to Spend Their Time

1. Riding the Riverboat

The infamous Jungle Queen Riverboat opened its gates for tours as early as the 20th century. It uses traditional riverboats for Lauderdale’s historic river tours. This isn’t any ordinary boat, as it hosts delicious, exquisite meals, entertainment, and mind-blowing views of Florida.

This tour starts from Bahia Mar Yachting Center, taking you to Fort Lauderdale’s New River. On the way, the tour guide will tell you about the facts and history of the place. While you sail through the Millionaire’s Row, soak in the sun on the deck.

2. Swim with the Dolphins

A cliche isn’t a bad thing, especially when the cliche originates from Florida. Forget the naysayers and everything they have to say about not swimming with the dolphins. You have to try it once in your life, but right in Discovery Cove, Florida.

This will be an experience of a lifetime. Whether you are headed to Florida for a vacation or are a Floridian, don’t miss out on the chance to swim with tropical fish, sea otters, and friendly dolphins.

3. Gamble on Online Casinos

There were reports about Florida embracing online gaming in land-based venues. Floridians love spending time in land-based casinos to explore the latest games and try their luck at winning large sums of money.

With online casinos, residents and tourists don’t have to visit physical casinos. Instead, they can simply signup and log in to any online casino right from their mobile or laptop. This makes gambling easier and far more convenient for people who don’t have the time to visit a physical casino but still want to play their favorite casino games.

This gambling on the go gives every player a chance to save money on gas and time spent waiting in queues in a physical casino. Plus, the wide variety of games an online casino offers is far more than what’s available in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Lastly, don’t forget to make the most of the promotions and bonuses these online casinos offer. From a signup bonus to weekly cash rebates, online casinos are full of thrill and entertainment that Floridians look for.

4. Go Snorkeling

If you have ever visited the Key West area of Florida, you know the gem it hides in the form of Fort Jefferson. If you haven’t yet visited this naval station established in the early 19th century to help deal with piracy in the Caribbean, this is the right time.

This historical place is the perfect snorkeling spot. So, whenever you visit Florida, visit this snorkeling spot. Visit the Dry Tortugas site you can easily visit through boat or seaplane.

Dry Tortugas are almost entirely submerged underwater while native to the Florida Keys reef system. This reef system is untouched as it is pretty isolated. Nonetheless, you can stay in tents and enjoy exploring the sea creatures.

5. Explore the Sunken Gardens

If you love nature, especially exotic waterfalls, fish, animals, and plants, missing out on the living museum of the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersberg, Florida, will be the wrong move. The Sunken Gardens is full of shady gardens with large trees and native plants that you wouldn’t want to miss exploring.

The best part about these gardens is that they have existed for over a century. Plus, it has four acres of botanical wilderness. You can spend your afternoons here walking in the wilderness and getting refreshed alongside waterfalls. While you will surely witness awe-inspiring sites, you will also learn much about them.

6.   Fort Walton Beach (Seaside)

Seaside is the birthplace of New Urbanism and an idyllic Northwest Florida community. This unique community is set right against the place’s stunning beaches. So, you can spend a fantastic day soaking in vitamin D on these beaches.

You may even get the tan of your dreams. You should also visit the quaint art galleries and shops near these beaches. You can even paddleboard, surf, or dip in the crystal blue waters of the oceans.


Florida is a huge state with numerous destinations that the locals and tourists visit daily. So, you shouldn’t miss out on a happening vacation to Florida. Without a doubt, you will enjoy every hour spent in Tampa Bay, Miami, Orlando, or any other city in Florida. Don’t forget to perform our recommended activities and places to visit in this beautiful sunny state.

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