Fast House Buyer: Individual Home Buyer vs. Home Buyer Company

by Anne B. Robinson

Home buyer companies and individual home buyers are the subject of an ongoing debate. The vast majority of those who have sold a house before think that home buyer companies are fast house buyers. However, others continue to think that individual home buyers are fast house buyers.

Many homeowners, especially those who are just starting to sell their homes, are unsure of which idea is correct. You will learn in this article what distinguishes a home-buying firm from an individual home buyer and which is a fast house buyer.

What Makes a Home Buyer Company a Fast House Buyer?

Between home buyer companies like Home Flippers and individual home buyers, there are some factors that have been used as a comparison tool to determine which is a fast house buyer. Let’s look at them now.

1. Purchasing in as-is condition

Buying in as-is condition qualifies a buyer as a fast house buyer. This buyer does not make sellers complete repairs before they are willing to go through with the sale. A home buyer company comes first in this qualification. Companies that buy houses guarantee that they will buy a home in the condition that it is in. No matter if it is a large house, historic structure, new construction, or something else, this remains true.

An individual home buyer is driven to purchase only a home they find appealing. If they decide during the inspection that they do not like the home, the sale will be canceled. With a home-buying company, this will not occur. They are already planning on making an investment in the house by upgrading it before reselling it. In this sense, a fast house buyer is a home-buying company.

2. No remodeling or renovation

The remodeling or renovation process slows down the sale of a home. In order to qualify as a fast house buyer, this is a critical criterion. The homeowner is not required to perform any renovation or remodeling work when selling to a home buyer firm.

However, with an individual home buyer, there is a possibility that they will express their dissatisfaction with a certain aspect of the home and ask the seller to remodel or renovate that area. Days, weeks, or even months may pass throughout this procedure. The qualifying characteristics of a fast house buyer are not met by the individual home buyer here. This is one additional argument for why a home buyer firm, as opposed to a lone home buyer, qualifies as a fast house buyer.

3. No real estate agent or realtor involvement

Homeowners frequently follow the custom of using a real estate agent or realtor if they want to sell their house. Home sellers must wait for an agent to find a buyer before the selling process can start, so it takes some time.

However, selling to a home-buying company renders the services of a real estate agent unnecessary because the company will walk home sellers through the sale process. The length of time it takes to find an agent and the length of time it takes for them to find a buyer are eliminated with the selection of a home buyer company.

In conclusion

You now know why a home buyer company is known as a fast house buyer after reading this article. You can now make an informed selection regarding what is best for your needs.

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