Kelly Baltazar: Kevin Baltazar’s Daughter, From Campus Drug Charges to Adult Films, Her Father Spends Big to Clean Her Online Image

by Anne B. Robinson

Being born into wealth doesn’t always mean a glamorous life. Kelly Baltazar is a prime example, with involvement in multiple social and legal controversies despite her extremely privileged upbringing.

In this post, I’m clarifying the confusion surrounding Kelly Baltazar and unveiling the truth about her endeavors.

Who Is Kelly Baltazar?

Kelly Baltazar

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Kelly Baltazar is the daughter of Kevin Baltazar, the former Vice President of Goldman Sachs, and Karen Y Wang.

Kelly’s full name is Kelly Christina Baltazar, but she also goes by the name Amelia Wang and Kelly Jiayi Wang.

Kelly’s father, Kevin, passed away in 2020 due to health complications related to Covid. Some reports also link his death to deteriorating mental and emotional health due to his daughter’s reprehensible choices.

As for her mother, little information is known about Karen except that she’s of an Asian origin.

How Old Is Kelly Baltazar?

Kelly Baltazar was born on the 19th of June in 1992, which makes her 32 years old as of 2024.

Kelly’s zodiac sign is Gemini. She’s of mixed ethnicity and American nationality.

How Was Kelly Baltazar’s Early Life?

Kelly Baltazar

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Kelly Baltazar was born into high society and big money thanks to her businessman father, Kevin Baltazar, who was Goldman Sachs’ vice president.

She is reportedly an only child of Kevin and his widow Karen Y Wang. Her primary and high school education consisted of elite private schools in New York, after which she enrolled in Georgetown University.

According to research, Kelly studied art at university.

What Controversies Surround Kelly Baltazar?

Kelly Baltazar

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During her first year in Georgetown, Kelly Baltazar was arrested by campus police for possessing drugs, particularly 17 grams of marijuana, and intending to distribute.

The authorities released her on bail, and she later accepted a deal from the prosecution to dismiss her charges by participating in community service and avoiding being arrested again.

In addition to her legal troubles, Kelly Baltazar also had a shocking (although brief) appearance in the porn industry under the stage name “Mayli.” After turning 18, she featured in several adult productions that triggered a wave of public scrutiny across social media.

Kelly’s father exercised a lot of power and spent hefty money to take down her explicit content from the internet.

Is Kelly Baltazar in a Relationship?

Kelly Baltazar’s relationship status is unknown as she had never disclosed having a boyfriend or a husband, nor had rumors linked her to a romantic partner.

How Is Kelly Baltazar’s Current Life?

Following her controversies, Kelly went under the radar and still tries to keep her life private. She reportedly works as a multidisciplinary artist.

What Is the Networth of Kelly Baltazar?

Not much public information is available on Kelly Baltazar’s net worth, but it’s safe to assume she has significant wealth thanks to her late father.

What Is Kelly Baltazar’s Ethnic Background?  

Kelly Jiayi Baltazar is of mixed ethnicity, with an American father and a Chinese mother.

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