Looking For a Big Home Project in 2022? Try These Ideas

by Anne B. Robinson

Burnout is a very real experience for many individuals across the country. Maybe you are feeling the monotony of doing the same thing every day at work. Or you are busy raising a family and feel like all you can do during your breaks is lie down until the next task comes up. You could just feel tired after the emotional weight of the last few years.

One of the largest causes of burnout is a lack of feeling accomplished. You are stuck doing the same things over and over, with little progress or landmarks to celebrate. Even if you love your job or love the life stage that you are in, repetition can be tiring.

A potential solution for your burnout is choosing a big home project to do. Home improvement offers your goals to chase after and a finished product to admire and be proud of. Having something that you can observably accomplish can do wonders for your mental state as you face burnout. Here are a few ideas for big home projects that will engage your mind, and your skills, and have a tangible reward after the fact.

1. Remake Your Yard

The exterior of your home presents a massive canvas for your creativity, and there is a huge number of projects that you can tackle. Improving the health of your yard could take the form of aerating the lawn, spreading weed-killer, or purchasing some grass seed for bare areas.

You could add exciting features like a water fountain, outdoor patio, firepit, or even a garden. Gardens bring life to the exterior of your home, and there is so much variety that you can enjoy. Colorful annuals, perennial shrubs that return year after year, small trees, and even vegetables or fruits can be grown in your yard to enhance the aesthetics and provide food for your family.

You can also neaten up sloppy areas with new soil, mulch, or decorative rocks. If you are looking for a long-term project with multiple stages, then changing the look of your entire yard can occupy your efforts for a long time and give you that sense of accomplishment in the end.

2. Upgrade Your Interior

Have you grown tired of the interior of your home and how it looks? Maybe it is time for a refresh. There are numerous ways to upgrade the aesthetics of the home. You could invest in new styles of furniture such as rustic or modern. Adding some crown molding or baseboard to various rooms can create a huge effect on the atmosphere of the space. Do you feel like your home is too dark? Try to increase the amount of natural light with larger windows, a skylight, or some reflective mirrors.

Remaking your living spaces can take time, depending on the level of upgrades you are pursuing. But it gives you goals to achieve that are tangible and can change the way you and your family experience life.

3. Focus on Your Entryway

The front door of your home is one of the most noticeable features of the property. The eye is naturally drawn to the entryway, especially if there are other features like a porch that are a part of the front.

Some of your options include putting in a porch if you do not have one, installing a new door, repainting the columns or railings, designing a garden and pathway to the door, and adding light fixtures that pop. You have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on passersby and guests with an entryway that blows them away. Many homeowners love the ability to design a garden that leads to the front door, with a brick or concrete pathway highlighted with solar lights on the ground. This type of project can consume your time and make a statement that dramatically increases curb appeal.

The Bigger the Project, the Greater the Reward

Combatting that feeling of burnout is difficult, especially if you are feeling tired or emotionally drained. A time-consuming home project not only creates a distraction for your mind, but it gives you specific goals to accomplish and a finished product to enjoy.

When you are looking for what type of home improvement to pursue, consider the things that you love or don’t love about your home in its current state. What styles make you smile or grimace when you see them? What sort of balance is there between the look of the house itself and the feel of the outdoor space? Are there spots inside or outside that you wish you didn’t have to look at?

Start with these questions, and then choose a project that will make you wield your creativity to upgrade the home to suit your style. The reward of a job well done will be worth the effort and could do wonders for your mental state.

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