Monitor Your Health with These 5 Checks

by Anne B. Robinson

Our health is one of the most important things in our lives, but it can be one of the most ignored aspects of life. You must stay on top of your health checks this year. Here are a few things you can do to check in with your health now and then:

Check on tremors

Paying attention to our bodies can help us know if something is amiss. Some conditions may start with little evidence of a health issue; if you’re not careful, you could miss it and go for too long without treatment.

For example, not everyone will necessarily notice their hands frequently shaking if it’s minor. Still, if it’s a common reoccurrence, it’s important to check to see if the shaking is a part of essential tremor symptoms. If it is, treatment can hugely benefit your quality of life.

Pay attention to sudden weight loss or weight gain

Another way to know that you may want to consider speaking to your online doctor is if you’ve recently lost or gained a bit of weight without any effort or change in your lifestyle. Both are signs of something going awry, and you must check in with your doctor if your weight loss is coupled with other concerning symptoms. Remember that sometimes weight loss occurs because you’re so busy that you may forget to eat.

It can be easy even to forget that you’re missing out on meals, but typically you will be able to correlate the rapid weight loss with a busy schedule and insufficient food. If you have been eating your typical meals and are still losing or gaining weight with no change to your exercise habits, talk to your doctor.

Notice excessive hair loss

If you’re losing a lot of hair, especially if this is not normal for you, you may want to reach out to your medical provider and get some tests. Whether you don’t have enough iron in your body or are dealing with thyroid disease, knowing why your hair keeps falling out can help you get the treatment you need. There are many reasons why people lose hair, so don’t immediately go to the worst-case scenarios found on a Google search. But do take time to rule out any health conditions prompting your hair loss.

Migraines may be showing you something

If you’re getting a lot of headaches, this could be a symptom of various things. From something as simple as needing an eye checkup to something related to your brain, there are different health issues that your migraines could be signaling. Schedule a checkup with your doctor if you want to rule out the health conditions you’re concerned with.

Check your breasts

For women, breast screening is essential, especially as they get older. Women over 35 should visit their medical provider for mammograms or some other type of breast check. While you can certainly do your checkups at home, it can be confusing to know whether you feel a lump. If you need some extra peace of mind, don’t be afraid to visit your doctor for some answers today.

In Conclusion

If you’re dealing with unexplained weight loss or a lot of hair loss, migraines, or tremors, these could all be signs that it’s time to get checked. Get health insurance and talk to your doctor about the best solutions for your symptoms or conditions.

You may be perfectly healthy and just need to sleep or eat more. Or you may need to get some treatment as soon as possible. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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