What Do You Learn If You Start Playing Classic Online Games

by Anne B. Robinson

Despite the fact that many commissions and organizations are skeptical of the gaming industry, believing that they harm children and interfere with adults and globally do not bring any benefit except for the development of violence, this is not really so.

It all depends on the game itself and the context that is laid in it. Many online projects, such as World of Warcraft Classic, can teach players a lot of useful and social skills, if we consider and conquer the game correctly.

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What skills can be developed by playing classic warcraft?

  • Correct time distribution
  • Understanding the economy
  • Skill to work in team
  • Leadership
  • Calm and stress resistance

Correct time distribution

Such a section in the context of the online game can sound funny, but in this case, we are talking about training the effective use of your limited time for maximum efficiency.

For example, you have only two hours a day on the World of Warcraft Classic, and it will be more correct to use it for effective pumping and gold mining, and not standing in useless arenas, while you do not have effective equipment.

The game teaches the distribution of time on experience – you can run for two hours in search of rocks and collect their crumbs, without even having the profession of a blacksmith and sell them, or take a hunt, selling meat to cooks, removing skins and receiving a good supply of gold and having fun spending time.

Understanding the economy

All in the world, Warcraft is spinning around gold, as in real life.

The project will experimentally teach you the treatment of gold according to several principles that work in real life.

To strengthen the character, you will need weapons and armor, which you can buy by overpaying for the services of an artisan, or begin to master the profession yourself in order not only to strengthen your hero, but also to get prospects for making gold in the future.

The next aspect is cost control. As in the real world, you can spend so much difficulty extracting gold on useless things, instead of real investments in strengthening your character.

An example – you constantly update the weapon to the hero without a deliberate need, and at the same time, you buy not a strikingly the best option, but simply a slight amplification that a beginner craft can create.

It is much more useful to invest in equipment, which will add survival, and of course, a weapon, but a jump in the strength of the subject should be noticeable even at the purchase stage.

understanding the economy

Invest in your training and development of professions – buy the necessary objects for production and tools – such a contribution will pay off in the later stages when you develop basic skills to medium, more significant, and inconsistent – they are needed to craft equipment and medium-quality weapons. This type of equipment is in demand due to its low price and noticeable improvement. What is the benefit for Crafts? In the number of goods produced and sold – literally everything is sold in World of Warcraft.

Skill to work in Team

Working in a team is important in all aspects of the Azeroth world. You will not be able to access the most interesting and complex content without a combat group for hikes in raids, participation in large-scale PVP between the factions, and the development of new content.

A good group is a starting growth point when the entire team works for one goal, supporting each other, helping all participants with equipment and weapons, complementing each other, and intensifying together. As in real life, the ability to get along with other players, not to pull the blanket over yourself, not to scandal the where similar habits to work in the team in ordinary work will not be appropriately raised in you.

Many companies pay attention not only to professional skills, but also the ability to work in a team and can refuse a more talented, but less teamplay candidate who can work in a team for a common goal.


In many people, there are inclinations toward leadership qualities, but in view of life circumstances, education, and the environment where childhood passed, these inclinations can be suppressed and sit deep until the moment that will allow them to reveal and realize them.

World of Warcraft divides players into leaders and wards.

Leaders collect their own battle groups and form entire guilds, while the wards help the leader without pulling the blanket over themselves.

The skill begins to develop gradually – at first, you are gathering the group in a small raid because it is so faster and more comfortable to go through all the daily areas, and not wait for a personal invitation. Gradually, the habit of taking on leadership becomes the norm, and the player begins to apply the skill in real life, simply by inertia and habit, which greatly improves the life of many players.

This does not mean that all players should seek to be a leader – many talented people are in the role of a subordinate and do an excellent job of their duties and are indispensable employees.

It means that the games like the World of Warcraft are revealed and give an impetus for the development of many potential skills if the player has a tendency and the desire to pump them.

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