Five Easy to Get Started Present Ideas for Artists

by Anne B. Robinson

In every friend circle, there is at least one person passionate about the arts. If you have an artist friend, you know how tricky it might be to prepare a gift for them. In most cases, present ideas for artists should reflect their personality and traits.

Artists love to express themselves, and something that represents them or helps them in their craft is guaranteed to be a perfect gift. That means customization is a good idea when it comes to pleasing our artsy friends. However, there are rules to stick to if you want to make your customized gift look how you want it to. The Printful website will reveal more about the process. , But in the meanwhile, let’s check out some of the best present ideas for artists!

1. Customized Clothes

There is nothing better at showcasing personality than customized clothes. This is why personalized clothes are the perfect gift for artists. Through this gift, you can showcase how well you know your artist friend, and they will love you for it.

You can customize a t-shirt with a logo they designed, a band they love, an edited photo of them, or simple text with a joke about their career frustrations. Gelato’s print-on-demand services allow you to create custom designs on t-shirts. If you want to impress your friend, you can customize a hat, jacket, or even a hoodie. With a hoodie, you can even opt for embroidery printing to give it a classy look. Just make sure to get their measurements right and find the right printing website that can create your gift.

2. Personalized Mugs & Accessories

Many artists love to wear accessories, and you can also customize these items online and gift them to your friend. If you want to keep it simple yet effective, you can personalize a mug for your artist friend.

This way, you can show how much you care about them, and each time they drink from their unique mug, they will think about you and the bonds of friendship. If your artist friend has a logo, crest, or something representing their craft, you can also personalize some stickers. Or you can also customize some more special gifts, such as custom coins of the best quality. Imagine how fun it would be to make artist friend’s design or work into coins! Artists always need to promote themselves, and they will appreciate it!

artist friend birthday gift

3. Drawing Tablet Case

If your artist friend is into digital art, one great gift would be a case for their tablet. Digital art is popular, and though it has some advantages, such as the undo button, it’s easy to lose the hard work if the tablet is damaged. With a protective case, you can save your artist friend a lot of trouble and let them know you are there to protect their career.

4. A Calligraphy Set

Many artists are hopeless romantics and cherish the traditional ways of doing things. If your friend loves to express themselves through writing, a calligraphy set might be their perfect gift. It will surely bring a smile to their face.

5. Painting Supplies Organizers

Many artists get messy during the creative process, especially those who paint. Because of this, artists often lose track of their pencils, brushes, sketches, and other equipment. If you have such friends, you can help them be more organized. Painting organizers are ideal for painters as it makes it easier for them to keep everything neat, tidy, and within reach. This gift will be deeply appreciated because it lets your artist friend know you care about them and their craft.

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