Solo Play or Partnered Fun? Choosing What Works Best for You

by Anne B. Robinson

When it comes to solo play, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Come on, guys, not in that way!

What we mean is what works for one person may only sometimes work for another. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Because there are so many different ways to enjoy self-sexual pleasure, it’s important to find what works best for you.

Whether that’s self-pleasure with just you, yourself, and your toys or masturbating with the help of sex cam girls or a partner, both options have unique benefits and drawbacks worth taking a closer look at.

So, what are we waiting for? All aboard the pleasure train, and let’s get exploring.

Solo play – Why it’s great and how to make it even hotter

Ok, we are all grown-ups here and living in the 21st century. Good.

So then, we are all on the same page that masturbation and self-pleasure are 100% normal and healthy. Right? Great!

But is solo play really better than partner play? That’s completely up to you to decide. And now, let’s explain why some people might prefer solo masturbation over mutual.

1. You can take your time and explore your own body without worrying about pleasing anyone else

Even when you think you know everything about your own body, you are most likely wrong. The human body is chalked full of erogenous zones that many of you probably didn’t even know existed. Self-pleasure in solitude gives you time to explore strange areas of your body, all at your own speed (and with zero expectations).

2. You can focus on your own pleasure without worrying about giving pleasure to someone else

Self-care comes in many forms. And that includes pleasure! If you want to tell everyone else to get lost and do you (literally), then you should do just that. Focusing on your own pleasure can be intensely relaxing, which, in turn, can make your orgasm ten times better.

3. You can experiment with different types of stimulation without having to worry about what your partner might think

Depending on who you are in a relationship or situation with, trying new things, unfortunately, is only sometimes a comfortable experience. Sometimes, trying out things like toys and dirty talk alone during a solo session is best.

How mutual masturbation with sex cam girls or a partner can elevate your pleasure

For those who want to step out of their comfortable pleasure zone and experience something more intense, mutual masturbation with sex cam girls or a partner is the best way.

  • Mutual self-pleasure is intimate

Being independent and self-sufficient is great. But sometimes, all we want and need is a little bit of intimacy. And although mutual masturbation doesn’t involve any skin-on-skin contact, it does provide loads and loads of intimacy.

Getting naked in front of another person requires shared trust and vulnerability. And that, friends, is nearly the exact definition of intimacy. And for those without a partner, professional sex cam girls know how to connect with people in a way that feels extremely personal, sensual, and romantic.

  • You can learn all kinds of things

Most people are not professional experts. But sex cam girls actually are. Do you think some areas in your pleasure-providing skill set could use some improvement?

A shared pleasure session with a cam girl is a genius way to watch and learn. During a live sex call, you should note how, when, and at what pace she touches herself and be sure to ask any questions that come to mind.

  • It’s thrilling

One of the most common fantasies or kinks adults worldwide share is the classic “sex with a stranger.” It’s naughty, it’s sexy, and it’s one of those things that feel unattainable. Therefore, it’s even more of a turn-on.

But the chance to have safe sex with a stranger is actually right at our fingertips through chatting with sex cam girls. Even if you prefer a shared masturbation session with a partner, taking things to a video call can feel much naughtier.

So which one is right for you?

We have a suggestion. Choices, which one will you choose? Why the hell does not try both?!

You never know until you try, right? And in this case, both solo masturbation and mutual masturbation with sex cam girls or a partner are safe and exciting.

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