All the Spanish Words You Need That Start With E

by Anne B. Robinson

Spanish is now the second most studied language in the world, mainly because it’s prevalent and easy to learn. Experts say that you only need 24 weeks to be proficient in Spanish.

So, why not take advantage of this and learn a new, easy language?

Knowing the vocabulary of a language is important. One of the best ways to learn vocab is by creating a glossary for yourself.

So, in this article, we created a list of Spanish words that start with E so you can learn the words you need and write them in your glossary or just print them out.

Let’s begin!

Spanish Words That Start With E

E in Spanish has several pronunciations. Sometimes E is pronounced much like in English, such as in the word ‘test’ or ‘best.’

Other times, it’s pronounced ‘ay,’ like in ‘say,’ but without the ‘y’ sound. And when the letter E comes at the end of the word in Spanish, it’s never silent, unlike in English.

Now that you know a little about the Spanish E, let’s take a look at this list of Spanish words that start with E.

Spanish Words That Start With E Translation/Meaning
Ebanista Cabinetmaker (mf)
Ebriedad or ebriosidad Drunkenness (f)
Ebrio Drunk (adj)
Ebullición Boiling (f)
Eccema Eczema (m)
Excéntrico Eccentric (adj)
Echar Throw, dump, kick out (v)
Echarse To start, lie down, put on, throw oneself (v)
Eclesiástico Ecclesiastic, clergyman (adj)
Eclipsar To eclipse, outshine, overshadow (v)
Eclosión Hatching, eclosion, appearance, emergence, dawn (f)
Eclíptica Ecliptic (f)
Eco Echo (m)
Ecografía Ultrasound scan (f)
Ecólogo Ecologist, (mf)
Ecología Ecology
Ecológico Eco-friendly (adj)
Ecologista Ecologist, environmentalist (mf)
Económico Economic, cheap, financial (adj)
Economía Economy, economics (f)
Econometría Econometría
Economista Economist (mf)
Economizar Save, reduce, spare (v)
Ecosistema Ecosystem (m)
Ecuación Equation (f)
Ecuador Equator, halfway point (m)
Ecuánime Level-headed, equable, impartial, unbiased (adj)
Edad Age, period (f)
Edecán Aide-de-camp (m)
Edecán Escort, attendant, event assistant (mf)
Edición Edition, publication, editing, publishing (f)
Edicto Edict (m)
Edificación Building, construction (f)
Edificar Build, construct, edify (v)
Edificio Building (m)
Edil Councilor, aedile (mf)
Editar To publish, edit (v)
Editorial Publishing company, publishing house (f)
Edén Eden, heaven (m)
Edredón Quilt, duvet, eiderdown (m)
Educación Education, manners, upbringing (f)
Educador Educator, teacher (mf)
Educar To educate, teach, bring up (v)
Edulcorante Sweetener (m)
Efecto Effect, impression, stock, bill of exchange (m)
Efectivo Effective, real, genuine (adj)
Efectivo Cash (m)
Efectividad Effectiveness (f)
Efectuar To carry out, perform, fire (a shot) (v)
Efeméride Important event, anniversary (f)
Eferente Efferent (adj)
Efervescencia Effervescence, high spirits, commotion (f)
Eficacia Efficiency, effectiveness (f)
Eficiente Efficient (adj)
Efigie Image, statue, portrait, likeness, personification (f)
Efímero Ephemeral (adj)
Efusión Effusiveness, warmth, effusion (f)
Eflorescencia Efflorescence (f)
Eglefino Haddock (m)
Egocéntrico Egocentric, self centered (adj)
Egoísmo Selfishness, egoism (m)
Egresado Graduate (mf)
Ejecución Execution, carrying out, implementation, performance (f)
Ejecutiva Executive, board of management (f)
Ejecutivo Government, executive (m)
Ejemplar Exemplary, model (adj)
Ejemplar Copy, issue, specimen, example, prototype (m)
Ejemplo Example, sample (m)
Ejercicio Exercise, test, quiz, exam, practice, financial year (m)
Ejército Army (m)
Elaboración Production, manufacturing (f)
Elasticidad Elasticity, flexibility (f)
Elástico Elastic, flexible, resilient (adj)
Elástico Elastic, piece of elastic, rubber band, elastic band (m)
Eléctrico Electric, electrical (adj)
Electrical Electrician (mf)
Elección Choice, election (f)
Electo Elect (adj)
Electricidad Electricity (f)
Electricista Electrician ( m or f)
Electrizante Electrifying (adj)
Electrólito Electrolyte (m)
Electrón Electron (m)
Electrónica Electronics (f)
Electrodoméstico Electrical appliance (m)
Elefante Elephant (mf)
Elegía Elegy (f)
Elegancia Elegance, stylishness, smartness, gracefulness (f)
Elegante Elegant, smart, chic, polished (adj)
Elegir Choose, elect (v)
Elemental Fundamental, elementary, basic (adj)
Elemento Element, part, component (m)
Elevador Elevator, lift, hoist (m)
Elevar To raise, lift, increase (v)
Elfo Elf (m)
Eliminación Elimination, disposal, removal (f)
Élite Elite (f)
Elitista Elitist, exclusive (adj) (mf)
Ella She, her, it (pron)
Ellas They (pron)
Elocuencia Eloquence (f)
Elocuente Eloquent, articulate (adj)
Elogio Praise, eulogy (m)
Elote Corn Cob, ear of corn, sweetcorn (m)
Elucidar To elucidate, to clarify (v)
Elusivo Evasive (adj)
Emú Emu (m)
Embadurnar To smear (v)
Embajada Embassy, ambassadorship, mission (f)
Embajador Ambassador (mf)
Embalsamador Embalmer (mf)
Embalsar To dam, to collect (v)
Embalse Reservoir, dam (m)
Embaír To trick, to cheat (v)
Embarazar To get pregnant, to embarrass, to restrict (v)
Embarazo Pregnancy, embarrassment (m)
Embarcación Vessel, craft, boat (f)
Embarcadero Jetty, wharf (m)
Embargar To seize, to distrain, to impound (v)
Embarque Boarding, loading (m)
Embestir To charge, run into, attack (v)
Emblemático Emblematic (adj)
Emboscada Ambush (f)
Embotar To dull (v)
Embotellamiento Traffic jam, bottleneck, bottling (m)
Embrague Clutch (m)
Embriaguez Drunkenness, intoxication (f)
Embrión Embryo, germ (m)
Embrollo Muddle, mess, confusion, fix, lie (m)
Embrujado Bewitched, haunted (adj)
Embustero Liar (mf)
Embutido Sausage, cold cut, stuffing (m)
Embutir To stuff, pack, cram (v)
Emergencia Emergency, emergence (f)
Emigración Emigration, migration (f)
Eminencia Expert, eminence (f)
Emisión Emission, broadcasting, program (f)
Emisora Station, channel (f)
Emoción Emotion, excitement
Emotivo Moving, touching, emotional (adj)
Empañar To steam up, to mist up, to tarnish
Empacador Baler, baling machine, baler, packer (f)
Empapado Soaked, drenched (adj)
Empapelado Wallpaper, wallpapering (m)
Empaquetadura Packing, gasket (f)
Emparedado Sandwich (m)
Empatía Empathy (f)
Empate Tie, split, draw, connection (m)
Empellón Shove (m)
Empeño Determination, effort, insistence, pawn (m)
Empeoramiento Worsening, deterioration (m)
Emperador Emperor, swordfish (m)
Emperatriz Empress (f)
Emplazamiento Location, summons, site, siting (m)
Empleada Maid (f)
Empleado Employee, worker, clerk (mf)
Empleo Employment, job, work (m)
Empollón Grind, swot (mf)
Emprendedor Entrepreneur (mf)
Empresa Company, business, firm (f)
Empírico Empirical (adj)
En In (prep)
Enagua Underskirt, petticoat (f)
Enamorado In love, romantic (adj) lover (mf)
Enano Dwarf (mf)
Encía Gum (f)
Encabronado To piss off (v)
Encaje Lace, fit, socket (m)
Encantador Delightful, Charming (adj)
Encantador Charmer, wizard, magician (mf)
Encantamiento Enchantment, spell (m)
Encargado Manager, person in charge (mf)
Encargo Order, errand (m)
Encasillamiento Categorization (m)
Encendedor Lighter (m)
Encendido Passionate, flushed (adj)
Enchufe Plug, socket (m)
Enciclopedia Encyclopedia (f)
Encierro Prison (m)
Encimera Countertop (f)
Encrucijada Crossroads, intersection (f)
Encubridor Accomplice, accessory (mf)
Encuentro Meeting, encounter (m)
Encuesta Survey (f)
Endorfina Endorphin (f)
Enemiga/o Enemy (f) (m)
Energía Energy (f)
Enero January (m)
Enfado Anger, annoyance (m)
Énfasis Emphasis (m)
Enfermedad Illness, disease (f)
Enfoque Focus, approach (m)
Enfriamiento Chill, cooling (m)
Engalanar Decorate, adorn (v)
Engaño Deception, trick, hoax (m)
Engendro Fetus, monster, malformed creature (m)
Enlace Link, marriage (m)
Enmienda Amendment, correction (f)
Enojado Angry, mad (adj)
Enojo Anger (m)
Enorme Huge, enormous (adj)
Enredo Tangle, knot (m)
Enriquecimiento Enrichment (m)
Enrollar Roll up, coil (v)
Ensalada Salad (f)
Ensamblado Assembly, joint (m)
Ensayo Essay, rehearsal, trail (m)
Enseguida Immediately, right away (adv)
Enseres Equipment, tools, furniture (pl)
Ensueño Dream, daydream, fantasy (m)
Ente Being, entity (m)
Entenada Stepdaughter (f)
Entenado Stepchild, stepson (mf)
Entorno Environment, surroundings (m)
Entrada Entry, entrance (f)
Entramado Framework, structure (m)
Entre Between (prep)
Entredicho Argument, interdict (m)
Entrega Delivery, shipment (f)
Entremés Appetizer, starter (m)
Entrenador Coach, trainer (mf)
Entrenamiento Practice, training (m)
Entretenimiento Entertainment, fun (m)
Entrevista Interview, meeting (f)
Entusiasmo Enthusiasm (m)
Envejecimiento Aging (m)
Envidia Envy, jealousy (f)
Envoltura Cover, wrapper (f)
Enzima Enzyme (f)
Episodio Episode (m)
Época Time, period (f)
Equilibrio Balance, equilibrium (m)
Equipaje Luggage, baggage (m)
Equipo Team, equipment (m)
Equitación Riding, horseback riding (f)
Equivocación Mistake,error (f)
Equívoco Misunderstanding (m), ambiguous (adj)
Errante Wandering, roaming, distant (adj)
Ermitaño Hermit (mf), hermit crab (m)
Erosión Erosion (f)
Erradicación Eradication (f)
Erótico Erotic (adj)
Eructo Belch, burp (m)
Erudición Learning, erudition (f)
Esbelto Slender, slim (adj)
Esbozar To sketch, outline (v)
Escabroso Rough, rugged, uneven (adj)
Escala Scale, stopover (f)
Escalada Climb, ascent (f)
Escalera Stairs, ladder, straight (f)
Escalón Step, stage (m)
Escalofriante Chilling, horrifying (adj)
Escampar To clear up, to stop raining (v)
Escandaloso Scandalous, shocking, outrageous (adj)
Escaño Bench, seat (m)
Escapada Breakout, escape (f)
Escape Escape, leak (m)
Escarabajo Beetle (m)
Escarbadientes Toothpick (m)
Escarcha Frost (f)
Escarmiento Lesson, punishment (m)
Escasez Shortage, scarcity (f)
Escayola Plaster, cast (f)
Escena Scene, stage (f)
Escenario Stage, scene (m)
Escepticismo Skepticism (m)
Esclava Bangle, bracelet (f)
Esclavitud Slavery (f)
Esclavo Slave (mf)
Escándalo Scandal (m)
Escáner Scanner, scan (m)
Escobar Sweep (v)
Escobilla Brush, toothbrush (f)
Escobillón Swab, broom (m)
Escogimiento Choice, selection (m)
Escolar School (adj)
Escolar Schoolboy, school girl (mf)
Esconder To hide, to conceal (v)
Escopeta Shotgun (f)
Escora List, load line (f)
Escoria Slag, scum (f)
Escote Cleavage, neckline (m)
Escéptico Skeptic (mf)
Escribanía Writing desk, escritoire (f)
Escribiente Clerk (mf)
Escribir To write (v)
Escritor Writer, author (mf)
Escritura Writing, handwriting, script (f)
Escuadra Squad, team (f)
Escudar To shield (v)
Escudilla Bowl (f)
Escuela School (f)
Escuincle Kid (mf )
Escuálido Skinny (adj)
Escultura Sculpture (f)
Escurreplatos Dish rack, draining rack (m)
Escurridizo Slippery, evasive (adj)
Escurridor Colander (m)
Ese That, those (adj)
Esencia Essence (f)
Esencial Essential (adj)
Esfera Face, sphere (f)
Esfuerzo Effort, stress (m)
Esgrima Fencing (f)
Eslogan Slogan (m)
Esmalte Enamel, glaze, nail polish (m)
Espía Spy (mf)
Espacio Space, area (m)
Espada Sword (f)
Espalda Back, backstroke (f)
Espantapajaros Scarecrow (m)
Esparcimiento Recreation, relaxation (m)
Espasmo Spasm (m)
Específico Specific (adj)
Especial Special (adj)
Especialista Specialist, expert, stuntman, stuntwoman (mf)
Especie Species, kind, sort (f)
Espectacular Spectacular (adj)
Espectro Spectrum (m)
Espejo Mirror (m)
Espera Wait (f)
Esperanza Hope (f)
Espeso Thick, dense (adj)
Espina Thorn, bone, spine (f)
Espinilla Pimple, blackhead, shin (f)
Espiritual Spiritual (adj)
Espliego Lavender (m)
Esponja Sponge (f)
Espontáneo Spontaneous (adj)
Esposa Wife (f)
Esposas Handcuffs (pl)
Esposo Husband (m)
Espíritu Spirit, mind (m)
Espátula Spatula, palette knife, scraper (f)
Espuma Foam, froth (f)
Espurio False, spurious, illegitimate (adj)
Esquí Ski, skiing (m)
Esquela Note, death notice (f)
Esqueleto Skeleton, framework (m)
Esquizofrenia Schizophrenia (f)
Estabilidad Stability (f)
Estaca Stake, post (f)
Estación Season, station (f)
Estacionamiento Parking, parking lot (m)
Estadio Stadium (m)
Estado State, condition (m)
Estadística Statistics (f)
Estafa Fraud, con (f)
Estallido Explosion, crash (m)
Estancamiento Stagnation (m)
Estancia Room, stay, farm (f)
Estándar Standard (adj)
Estanque Pond, tank (m)
Estante Shelf (m)
Estatura Height (f)
Estelar Stellar, star (adj)
Estereotipo Stereotype (m)
Esteroide Steroid (m)
Estigma Stigma, mark (m)
Estilista Stylist, designer, hair stylist (mf)
Estilo Style (m)
Estipendio Salary, stipend, fee (m)
Estiramiento Stretching (m)
Estómago Stomach (m)
Estío Summer (m)
Estofado Stew (m)
Estorbo Estorbo, hindrance (m)
Estornudo Sneeze (m)
Estúpido Stupid, silly (adj)
Estría Stretch mark (f)
Estrangular Strangle, throttle (v)
Estrategia Strategy (f)
Estreñimiento Constipation (m)
Estreno Premiere (m)
Estresante Stressful (adj)
Estrógeno Estrogen (m)
Estricto Precise, strict (adj)
Estéril Sterile, infertile (adj)
Estro Inspiration, estrus (m)
Estropajo Scourer (m)
Estrés Stress (m)
Estética Aesthetics, beauty salon (f)
Estuche Case, jewelry box (m)
Estudiante Student (mf)
Estudiar Study (v)
Estupendo Great, marvelous, fantastic (adj)
Estupro Rape (m)
Eternidad Eternity (f)
Etiqueta Label, tag, etiquette (f)
Etnicidad Ethnicity (f)
Euforia Euphoria, elation (f)
Evaluación Assessment, test (f)
Evasión Escape, evasion (f)
Evento Event (m)
Eventualmente Possibly, by chance (adv)
Evidencia Proof, evidence, obviousness (f)
Evitar Avoid (v)
Evolución Evolution, development (f)
Exactamente Exactly (adv)
Exagerar Exaggerate (v)
Exaltación Overexcitement (f)
Examinar Examine, inspect (v)
Excavación Excavation, digging (f)
Excedente Excess, surplus (adj)
Excepción Exception (f)
Excitación Excitement, arousal (f)
Exclusivo, Excluyente Exclusive, sole (adj)
Excusa Excuse (f)
Excusado Toilet, bathroom (m)
Exento Free, exempt (adj)
Exfoliante Exfoliant (m)
Exhausto Exhausted (adj)
Exigencia Demand, requirement (f)
Existencia Existence, life (f)
Exitoso Successful (adj)
Exorcismo Exorcism (m)
Expansión Expansion, spread (f)
Expectación Expectation (f)
Expendedor Seller, dealer (mf)
Experiencia Experience (f)
Experimento Experiment (m)
Explicación Explanation, reason (f)
Exploración Exploration (f)
Explosivo Explosive (adj)
Exportar Export (v)
Expresión Expression, term (f)
Expuesto Exposed, risky (adj)
Exquisito Delicious, exquisite (adj)
Extinto Extinct, deceased, late (adj)
Extintor Fire extinguisher (m)
Extra Extra, high-quality, premium (adj)
Extracto Summary, extract, abstract (m)
Extranjero Foreign (adj)
Extranjero Foreigner, alien (mf)
Extravío Loss (m)
Extremidad Extremities, limb (f)
Extrovertido Extrovert, outgoing (adj)
Égida Shield, aegis (f)
Élite Elite (f)
Épico  Epic (adj)

Honorable Mentions

Several Biblical characters have names that start with the letter E in Spanish, such as:

Spanish English
Emanuel Immanuel
Elías Elijah
Eliseo Elisha
Esau Esaú
Esteban Stephen
Ester Esther
Eva Eve
Ezequiel Ezekiel

Also, many common female and male names start with the letter E, such as Edmundo, Eduardo, Efraín, Elena, Elisa, Elvira, Emilia, Emilio, and Enrique.

Some English words are spelled the same in Spanish, such as:

Spanish English
Eclipse Eclipse
Edema Edema (m)
Editor Editor (mf)
Ego Ego (m)
Elector Voter, elector (mf)
Ex Ex, former romantic partner (mf)
Era Era (f)
Error Error (m)
Escape Escape (m)
Editorial Editorial (m)
Euro Euro (m)

Here are some cities and countries names that start with E in Spanish:

Spanish English
EE. UU. (Estados Unidos de América) United States of America USA
Egipto Egypt
Emiratos Árabes Unidos United Arab Emirates
Escandinavia Scandinavia
Escocia Scotland
Eslovaquia Slovakia
España Spain
Estambul Istanbul
Etiopía Ethiopia

And lastly, some Spanish words related to food:

Spanish English
Ejote Green bean, string bean (m)
Empanada Empanada (f)
Enchilada Enchilada (f)
Espagueti Spaghetti (f)
Espinaca Spinach (f)
Espárrago Asparagus (m)

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