280 Words in Spanish That Start With F

by Anne B. Robinson

There are hundreds of words in said language that begin with the letter F. Today, we will explore over 280 of them, plus a few honorable mentions.

Let’s get going!

Fabiana Female name
Fabricar To build / To manufacture
Fabulosamente Fabulously
Facción Faction / Trait / Feature
Faceta Facet
Facha Informal clothing / overused clothing
Fachar To steal / Show off fancy clothes
Fachoso A person who is usually informally dressed
Facilidad Ease / Facility
Facilitar To make something easier
Factoría Factory
Factorizar To factorize
Factura Bill
Facturar To bill
Facultad Ability/ Power / Authority / School
Facultar To empower
Faena A task / Duty
Faena A series of tricks by a matador
Faenar To labor
Faja Belt / Channel / Strip
Fajar To wrap
Falda Skirt / Bird
Falla Failure / Flaw
Fallar Break a computer / To fail / To let down
Fallido Unsuccessful or failed
Fallo Failure
Falsamente Falsely
Falsar Falsify
Falsear To Falsify
Falsificación Fake
Fasificador Forget
Falsificar To falsify
Falso False / Fake
Falta Fault / Shortage
Faltar To be absent / To remain
Faltar el canto de un duro To be this close
Falto Short
Fama Fame / Reputation
Familia Family / Group of things
Familiar Close
Familiaridad Familiarity
Familiarizar To familiarize
Famoso Famous
Fantismo Fanaticism
Fanfarria Fanfare
Fandarrón Boastful / Swaggerer
Fanfarronear To brag / To boast
Fango Mud
Fangoso Muddy / Mud-like
Fantasía Fantasy / Custom jewelry
Fantasear To fantasize
Fantasioso Imaginative / Unbelievable
Fantasma Ghost / Phantom
Fantasmal Ghostly / Imaginary
Fanático Male fanatic
Fanática Female fanatic
Fantástico Fantastic
Faradio Farad
Farón Pharaoh
Fardar To show off
Farero Lighthouse keeper
Farfulla Gibberish
Faringe Pharynx
Farmacia Pharmacy
Farmacólogo Pharmacist
Farmacóloga Female pharmacist
Farmacobotánica Pharmactobotany
Farmacología Pharmacology
Farmacopea Pharmacopeia
Farmacéutico Pharmaceutic
Farándula Theater or show related people
Faro Vehicle headlight / Lighthouse
Farol Lantern / Lighthouse
Farola Streetlight
Farolear To show off
Farra Party
Farrear To party
Farsante A fraudulent person / Hypocrite
Fascinación Fascination
fascinante Fascinating
Fascismo Fascism
Fascista Fascist
Fase Period / Phase / Stage
Fastidiar To annoy or disappoint someone
Fastidioso Annoying
Fatal Fatal / horrible / Very bad
Fatalidad Misfortune
Fatalismo Fatalism
Fatídico Fateful
Fatiga Fatigue
Fatuo Vain
Fauna Fauna
Favor Favor
Favorablemente Favorably
Favor de In favor of
Favorecer To Favor / To prefer / To suit
Favorecido Frontrunner / A fan favorite
Favorito Favorite
Faz Face
Fóbicamente Phobically
Fóbico Phobic
Fábrica Factory
Fábula A rumor / A myth
Fácil Easy
Fácilmente Easily
Fáctico Factual
Fe Faith
Febrero February
Febril Hectic / Feverish
Febrilmente Feverishly
Fecha Date
Fecha de nacimiento Date of birth
Fechado Marked with a specific date
Fechar To date (determining when something has happened)
Fecundidad Fruitfulness
Fecundo Fertile
Federación Federation
Federalista Federalist
Federar To federate
Fehaciente Reliable
Fehacientemente Reliably
Felicidad Felicity / Happiness
Fedlicitación Congratulations
Felicitar To congratulate someone
Felino Feline
Feliz Happy / Pleased / Innocent
Feliz cumpeaños Happy birthday
Felizmente Happily
Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas
Próspero Año Nuevo Happy new year
Felonía Felony
Felpa Plush
Felpudo Doormat
Femenino Related to women
Feminista Feminist
Femtogramo Femtogram
Fenecer To perish / To end / To conclude
Fenico Phoenican person or language
Fenómeno Phenomenon
Fenogreco Fenugreek
Fenol Phenol (an organic compound)
Fenología Phenology
Fentión Fention
Feo In poor condition / Gross / Mean
Feo Ugly / Bad / Nasty
Feria Fair (The celebration not the fairness)
Feriado Traditional holiday
Ferial On a weekday
Fermentación Fermentation
Fermentar To Ferment
Fermiónico Fermionic
Feroz Fierce / Wild
Ferratería Hardware store
Ferri Ferry
Ferritina Ferritin
Ferrocarril Railway
Fertilidad Fertility
Fertilización Fertilization
Fertilizante To Fertilize
Ferviente Fervent
Fervorosamente Fervently
Fervoroso Fervent
Festejar To beat someone without mercy
Festejar To celebrate
Festinar To speed something up
Festivo Festive / Holiday
Festin Feast
Festoneado Sinuate
Fetiche Fetish
Fetichismo Fetishism
Fetidez Foul smell
Fetên Brilliant / Awesome
Feto Fetus
Feudal Feudal
Feudalismo Feudalism (A social system)
Fígaro Barber / short jacket
Fiador Catch / Latch / Fastening cord / Chin strap
Fiador Lock number / Safety catch / Safety Strap
Fiador Horse neck collar / Gutter hook / Toggle
Fiambre Colt meat / Corpse
Fianza Bail (legal bail)
Fianza Deposit for a rental item
Fiar To confide / To entrust / To guarantee
Fibra Fiber
Fibrilación Fibrillation
Fibrina Fibrin
Fibrinógeno Fibrinogen
Ficar To stay
Ficción Fiction
Ficcional Fictional
Ficha Chip / Headshot / Voucher
Fichaje Signing
Fichar To book / To clock in our out
Fichar To record information / To sign
Fichero A collection of papers / A file
Ficología Phycology
Fidedigno Trustworthy / Reliable
Fideicomiso Trust
Fidelidad Loyalty
Fidelizar To loyalize
Fideo Noodle
Fido Loyal
Fiebre Fever
Fiel Faithful / Loyal
Fielmente Faithfully
Fieltro Felt
Fiera Wild animal
Fieramente Proudly
Fiereza Cruelty
Fierro Iron / Firearm / Money / Penny
Figura Figure
Figurar To appear
Figurativamente Figuratively
Fijación Fixation / Fixing
Fijamente Firmly
Fijar To fix / To establish / To set
Fijarse en To notice
Fijo Firm / Fixed / Certainly / Doubtless
Fila Line / Row / Rank
Filamento Filament
Filamentoso Filamentous
Filantropía Philanthropy
Filar To be onto
Filete Filet / Thread of screw
Filetear To filet / To thread
Filiación Affiliation
Filólogo Philologist
Filmación Filming a movie
Filmar To film
Filme Film / Motion picture
Filón Vein
Filáantropo Philanthropic
Filo Hunger / Fold / Edge or blade
Filogenia Phylogenetics
Filogenêtico Phylogenetic
Filológico Philological
Filosofía Philosophy
Filtrar To filter
Fin End / Final / Purpose
Final Final
Finalizar To Finish or finalize
Finalmente Finally
Financiero Financial
Finanza Finance
Finca Estate / Farm
Fin de semana Break in the working week (holiday)
Finir To end
Finito Finite
Fino Fine
Fintar To feint
Firma Business / Signature
Firmante Signatory
Firmar To sign
Firme Firm
Firmementre Firmly
Firmeza Firmness
Fiscalizar To inspect / To control / To supervise
Fisgón Snooping / Nosy
Fisgonear To snoop
Fisicoculturismo Bodybuilding
Fisicoculturista A bodybuilder
Fisionar To fission
Fionomía Appearance
Fistol Scarfpin
Flaco Thin or skinny
Flacura Thinness
Flagelo A whip / Sorrow
Flamante Brand new / Brilliant
Flamear To burn something
Flamenco Flamenco dance / Flamingo bird
Flanco Flank
Flanquear To flank / To mark / To lose heart / To weaken
Flauta Flute
Flauta dulce Recorder (the musical instrument)
Flautista Flutist
Flácido Flaccid
Flecha Arrow
Flechazo Arrow shout / Arrow wound
Fleto Homosexual make
Flexibilidad Flexibility
Flexión Push up

Honorable Mentions

There are some Spanish words that got sort of made up by Spanish people to facilitate their lives, some of these words include:


It originates from the Arabic word “Fatwa.” In both languages, it means legally taking religious advice from a person who is officially more religious than you.

Felices Reyes

There’s a celebration on January 6th in Spanish speaking countries called “Wise Men Day.”

Felicies Reyes is the common phrase on that day which means “Happy Wise Men Day!”


A nickname for “Fatima” that wasn’t originally in the Spanish language, but now it is.


The Spanish people created a word for an African snake that’s gray in color, and one meter in length.

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