Guide To The Barbarian Class In The New Diablo 4

by Anne B. Robinson

The universe of Diablo games is a project that is regularly updated and updated with new parts, and the path to the glory of the famous second part is not yet able to catch up with them, the project is still moving in the right direction.

Players who have played many hours of Diablo 2 will quickly master the fourth part, while it is in the OBT stage.

It is advisable for new players to start mastering the project now, so as not to be lagging behind on the release day and have time to prepare several heroes in order to accurately determine their main class and start pumping the hero on the release day.

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Who is the Barbarian in the world of Diablo 4

The barbarian is a classic fighter that deals physical damage to one or more targets and uses a huge arsenal of weapons to destroy opponents.

He doesn’t have any ranged moves, but he does have a rage stat, burst damage based on cooldowns, and an ability to get close to the enemy.

Leveling mechanics for the Barbarian class

The barbarian can skillfully handle every type of weapon that is in the game and at the same time be as effective as possible.

Each weapon will be pumped due to the time of use and the destroyed monsters. In total, you can reach up to 10 levels of additional parameters in each weapon and quickly switch between them by changing your type of damage to the enemy.

Splitting the core skills of the Barbarian class in Diablo 4

All class skills in Diablo 4 can be divided into the following categories:

  • Basic attacks – inflict a minimum of damage and allow you to generate basic resources for the use of more complex skills. The Barbarian has this rage parameter.
  • Main attacks – deal more damage and consume accumulated rage. Such skills often disperse the selected build from attacks.
  • Skills to protect yourself – the Barbarian has these skills to slow down the target and replenish his own health parameter.
  • Combat skills are skills that do not require a rage scale, but allow you to gain an advantage in battle due to one-time attacks with a long cooldown, or to strengthen yourself and allies.
  • Skills associated with equipped weapons – allow you to attack groups of enemies without spending the value of rage, quickly switching between different types of weapons will bring different bonuses.
  • Ultimate – each class can choose one skill from the proposed ones. Ultimate are skills with a high cooldown that grant either a huge buff, or a large attack and defense parameter for a short period of time, in the case of the Barbarian, these can be limits.

Passive skills available to the barbarian in Diablo 4

Passive skills are skills that do not need to be used to gain an effect from them – they are activated simply by actions or by random events.

A barbarian can only choose one passive skill as part of learning abilities, since high attack speed can equate any choice with an ultimate ability:

Unlimited – a skill that extends the duration of the main attack skill Berserk by 5 seconds and increases potential damage by 25%.

Mobile Arsenal – allows you to increase the damage from attacks when using swords, maces and polearms by 10%, and with frequent change of weapons, you can achieve a stable increase in total damage by 15%.

Unbridled Rage – All skills begin to deal 135% more damage, but also cost twice as much Rage than they originally did.

Bleeding is a skill that imposes a bleeding effect on enemies, and if the target dies under the influence of a negative effect, an explosion is heard that deals damage from 12% of bleeding power to all nearby targets.

Barbarian talents and their focus in Diablo 4

Talents are active and passive skills that are in skill trees and that can be learned and combined to form a single combat potential of your character.

General definition of Barbarian talents in Diablo 4:

  • Increasing the overall level of rage and accelerating the replenishment of the scale.
  • Significant movement speed.
  • Increased damage to all types.
  • Speed up health regeneration.
  • Strengthening all effects that impose control on your target.

Conclusion based on the strengths and weaknesses of the Barbarian class in Diablo 4

The barbarian is a strong class with powerful physical damage, which depends on the rage parameter, he can be strong in some battles due to cooldowns and berserk skills, but in protracted battles he can lose in periods when the limits disappear.

The weak side can be called the need for constant rapprochement with opponents who fight in ranged combat and without the necessary protective equipment and skills to slow down and control, it can become easy prey for magicians and archers.

The strengths are the ability to regenerate health and the presence of limits that will give out huge damage, but at the same time, all skills have a long enough cooldown to ensure a really stable hold on the target.

The barbarian has an acute dependence on the potions and healing abilities of allies, since melee combat also means receiving all types of contact damage, which is simply almost impossible to dodge.

The arsenal ability gives the barbarian a huge advantage due to a quick start – you will not have enough rage for active skills, but you will be able to fight with literally any type of weapon with the potential to increase right in the course of the battle.

Rage as a scale will gradually fill up by investing level points and accumulating bonus items for regeneration and restoration of the parameter in battle. The Barbarian has a similar situation with a mage – it’s not easy for them to use the skill at the beginning, but in the future they have practically no problem with mana and rage due to modifiers and general skills and items with passive bonuses.

Not everyone will like the rather repetitive gameplay of the Barbarian, but he is still the strongest hero to fight bosses and simple enough that you take him as the first character and familiarize yourself with all the mechanics of the world of Diablo 4 without complicating your gameplay.

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