Top 4 States for an Epic Road Trip in the USA

by Anne B. Robinson

Embarking on a road trip is one of the best ways to explore the U.S.A.–you can discover new sights–as well as local cultures and cuisines–not to mention scenic routes. But amongst all 50 states, four stand out as ideal for a breathtaking drive: California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

California: The Golden State of Scenic Drives

California’s splendidly diverse landscape features rugged coastlines&forested mountain ranges like the Sierra Nevada or Yosemite National Park–complementing its vibrant cities. A study by WalletHub named California the most fun state in America in 2021–this was based on entertainment offerings such as attractions per capita and restaurants per capita. For automobile aficionados craving an EV-friendly ride along Redwood Highway or Pacific Coast Highway 101 with its numerous charging stations make it not only enjoyable–but–convenient too.

Arizona: The Grand Canyon State

Known for being home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world–The Grand Canyon; driving through Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is also an unforgettable highlight that includes striking rock formations set against striking desert scenery. When visiting this southwestern state means traveling through countless historic Route 66 towns filled with unique charm. Visiting Sedona’s vortexes–where people believe they can experience the energy from nature will add to your memorable journey along lasting memories around every curve.

Utah: The State Of Mesmerizing National Parks

If having multiple national parks within driving distance piques your interest, then look no further than Utah for awe-inspiring sites such as Zion National Park & Bryce Canyon National Park, among others found across more than 49 million total acres, visitors quickly see why another WalletHub survey ranked it #5 in Road Tripping Destination Quality measures including water quality index or number of scenic byways per miles traveled needlessly saying how easy adventuring here can be while offering stunning natural landscapes worth discovering.

Colorado: Exploring Rocky Mountain High Roads

Exploring Colorado during the summer months can lead travelers on a voyage through picturesque mountain passes, natural hot springs, and an abundance of colorful wildflowers. The Centennial state was ranked fifth-best by U.S. News as a well-rounded destination that offers both affordability and memorable experiences in 2021–with multiple charging stations and popular EV models available, making electric vehicles practical options for long-distance drives to destinations like the Royal Gorge or(Rocky Mountain National Park). But what makes Colorado especially appealing during the summer months is that the temperature is pretty bearable(especially in early summer). So you don’t have to worry about extremely hot weather.

Final Words

As you can see–these four states prove timeless road trip favorites due to their vast natural beauty coupled with transformative driving experiences along scenic routes that are relatively easy to navigate whilst having plenty of fun attractions peppered throughout. Whether it’s exploring national parks, and historic landmarks or trying out new cuisines, every mile offers exciting possibilities. So don’t wait any longer–pack the essentials and hit the road!

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