Top Home Decor Trends of 2022

by Anne B. Robinson

If you’re looking for the hottest home décor trends of 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We’re covering all the latest trends from real wood parquet floors to painted arches. Read on for all the details.

Statement flooring

It might surprise you to learn that statement flooring like parquet-style floors didn’t actually go anywhere. If you’re looking around your home and the homes of your friends and family and coming up perplexed, what will clear it up is knowing that parquet flooring comes in many patterns.

The most common is Herringbone, which offers a nice geometric design that should point to the focal point of your room, but there is also a square basket, diagonal basket, mosaic, stack bond, diagonal Herringbone and more.

However, Herringbone is definitely leading in this comeback and that will be because it best fits the newly reviving art deco style. The geometric pattern makes for a very stylish design that fits nicely with the luxury and extravagance of art deco.

But even if you’re not into art deco, parquet has its place in a lot of other styles, like a mosaic in a minimalism room or basket in a boho-chic home.

Feature walls

People are getting very creative with their walls nowadays. Accent walls offer a pop of color to a neutral room, people are splitting their top and bottom paint colors through the middle, and there is a trend of painting in a little bit of color wherever you feel it suits.

An arch over a door, a circle over a comfy chair, a semi-circle like a sun rising in a little nook, people are getting very creative with their wall painting.

Even more so, feature walls offer people a chance to add some texture, pattern, shapes, or nature to their homes. Bamboo shoots, textured cement, exposed brick, patterned wallpaper, paint splatters, fabric, and a lot more are all on the table. There are no hard and fast rules to what you can add to your wall to draw attention and make a bland room bold.

Aging furniture

We’re all becoming a little more thrifty, and with that is coming to a genuine appreciation for the old and battered. If you’ve heard of upcycling, for example, you’ll know that the hottest trend there is to “distress” your furniture. Rather than trying to make something look new, your furniture is supposed to have a look like it’s seen it all.

The best thing about this is that you can do this yourself. You don’t need to go hunting for an antique piece and probably spend more than what it was worth new, but instead, take your boring new furniture, or buy something from a furniture charity store, and have fun with the hammer leaving dents and patterns and sander taking off the paint.

And it’s not just wooden furniture. Leather furniture is making a comeback for the same reason. A nicely aged leather chair will not only last forever but look good while doing it.

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