Traveling On A Budget: 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Family Vacation

by Anne B. Robinson

Going on a family vacation is one of the most wholesome ways of spending quality time with your kids and spouse. However, with travel getting progressively more costly, a trip can become a significant expense. While there are several ways to cut back on the cost of your vacation, that usually means also cutting down on the quality of your trip.

Instead of cutting down on popular attractions and booking cheap lodgings, there are ways you can save money while making the best of your vacation. This article outlines some tips to experience the trip of your dreams within your budget.

1. Travel During Off-Season

Want to enjoy all the popular attractions but within your budget? Travel during the off-season. Tourist spots and popular destinations are known for increasing costs to maximize their profits. It is especially true during peak travel season when visitors eagerly splurge money for the best experiences.

However, visiting popular tourist spots during the off-season ensures you can explore and experience the attractions without massive crowds and with amazing deals.

Another cost-effective option is to consider booking package tours, which can often be less expensive than planning each component of your trip separately. Additionally, traveling on certain days, like Mondays and Tuesdays, can get you a significant discount on the travel fare.

2. Avoid Resort Fees

While traveling on certain days and seasons can be helpful, certain destinations witness bustling visitors all year round. Beaches and coastal areas like the Outer Banks are tourist hotspots and can be intrinsically expensive even during off-seasons. The best way to reduce expenses is by finding affordable lodgings.

Most hotels charge what is called “resort fees” for their services. However, you can avoid this by living like a local. Several rental homes, like Carolina Designs, can provide local and affordable accommodation without charging additional fees. In addition, staying in a rental home as opposed to a hotel allows you to cut way back on your food and entertainment costs as you can cook at home and enjoy the entertainment amenities included with the home as well.

3. Get Off The Beaten Path

Most stores and restaurants located in prime locations in tourist destinations offer overpriced services and products. While visiting these areas is always fun and worth a splurge here and there, you can save a lot by traveling off the beaten path a bit. Ask locals for their favorite restaurants, stores and experiences and explore local markets for a more affordable and authentic local experience.

This strategy is not only helpful in saving you money, but it will also help you to experience the local culture more thoroughly.

4. Loyalty Programs And Discounts

The best way to save money while vacationing is to utilize all of your available loyalty programs and discounts. Several loyalty programs offer recurring discounts on flights, accommodations and transport rentals. Based on your travel history, you could also be eligible for discounts on flight bundles and free hotel stays. Often you can find activity discounts in package deals when booking your vacations as well.

Once at your vacation destination, it can also be helpful to look through local newspapers and ads for any discounts and specials being offered or talk to locals to ask for recommendations on the best deals and discounts available for tours and activities.

5. Book In Advance

While planning out every second of your vacation is impossible, you should nevertheless plan the basic expenses and requirements. You can make bookings in advance and avoid extra charges by clearly knowing what places you’d like to visit and when you’d like to travel.

Moreover, advance bookings can free you from the stress of rushing through the process to get the best deals. Certain hotels might also offer you better pricing, additional services and benefits, like a free breakfast, when you book in advance. Choosing a savings account is just as crucial as planning your vacation expenses. By doing so, you can ensure your finances are in order, allowing you to enjoy your trip without financial stress or unexpected charges.

Final Thoughts

With a budget in mind, you can easily plan your family vacation. First and foremost prioritize your needs and find the places where you can cut back and save, which will leave you with the ability to splurge on some extra special things along the way. And remember, the end goal is to spend a wonderful time with your family and make memories to last a lifetime.

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