How to Have the Ulzzang Body?

by Anne B. Robinson

Big fan of K-pop idols? Then, you’ve probably heard about the ulzzang body type, or you’re currently trying to achieve it.

Having an ideal weight to height proportion is everyone’s dream, but having the ulzzang body is more than being skinny. It’s a concept and a lifestyle that you can follow to enjoy youth and look like the cutest and most youthful version of yourself.

Luckily, you’ve found my article because I’ll walk you through the process of achieving and maintaining this body type, so keep on reading.

What is An Ulzzang Body?

The word ulzzang is a Korean word that means best face or good looking, and an ulzzang body refers to a highly desirable body type because it looks good, youthful, and always in style.

The ulzzang body is a slim, S-shaped body with slim legs, a tiny waist, and curvy hips. It’s highly popular in Asian culture, especially with K-pop fans.

Idols follow this lifestyle by wearing the right outfits, maintaining a healthy diet, and keeping an eye on their looks to always look their best. Here are some of the physical traits of the ulzzang body.

Slim Body

This is the most important trait because gaining weight is highly frowned upon in Korean culture. Women and girls will always try to stay in the best shape by eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle.

Nevertheless, achieving this body type doesn’t mean that you should starve to death because you should still have some fats in the right spots. Having a shorter height is also a big plus.

V-Shaped Face

Using makeup or face tape, girls are able to have a V-shaped face by enhancing their chin. Some girls can go as far as having plastic surgeries to get rid of their round faces and insert a chin implant to achieve the V-shaped look.

Youthful Skin

Girls who have this body always maintain a youthful look by taking care of their complexion and achieving what skincare gurus call glass skin. Korean skin products focus on hydration, and girls go for the no-makeup look. The skin is pale white, so there’s no use of bronzers, contour, or self-tanning products.

Doll Face

Girls try to have an innocent-looking doll face by using circle contact lenses that make their eyes look bigger. They also use tape and makeup to create double eyelids, create the illusion of a bridge on the nose, and draw a smaller mouth using lipstick.

Having straight eyebrows is another important aspect to consider. The eyebrows literally change the way the face looks, and having them drawn straight reminds people of the way babies and toddlers look. T

In addition to the physical traits, girls and women need to maintain the whole look by wearing what will complement their body type.

What is the Ideal Body Weight If You Want to Achieve the Ulzzang Body?

ideal body frame weight

Image source: Pinterest

Achieving the ulzzang body has to do with the Asian genes. It simply refers to a slim body and a petite frame that’s typical of a Korean female.

Although following a special diet can help you lose weight and have good skin, DNA plays a significant role in having an ulzzang body. Here’s a table that shows the ideal weight corresponding to the height and frame to achieve the ulzzang body.


Height Small Frame Medium Frame Big Frame
140cm 32kg 36kg 40kg
145cm 35kg 39kg 43kg
150cm 37kg 42kg 47kg
155cm 39kg 44kg 49kg
160cm 42kg 47kg 52kg
165cm 45kg 55kg 59kg
170cm 48kg 53kg 59kg
175cm 52kg 57kg 62kg

According to this table, achieving the ulzzang body means always maintaining a BMI that lies at the lower end of the normal weight range.

Since the average height of a Korean female is around 157cm, it’s quite rare to find a woman who is taller than 170cm. However, South Koreans are always gaining height, with an average of almost 8 inches or 20cm between 1914 and 2014.

How to Have An Ulzzang Body

Starving yourself isn’t the right way to lose weight and is unsustainable, so you’ll probably gain all the weight you lose over a short period of time.

However, the diet followed by most Korean idols can be too difficult to maintain. So, what you need to do is to take one of these diets and tweak it a little to be able to follow it for a long time. You should also complement your diet plan with an exercise plan to keep your body healthy.

Ulzzang Diet

The idea is to have a healthy diet plan without excluding any of the food groups. Even healthy fats and carbohydrates should be included in your food.

  • Breakfast: a glass of milk and salad or oatmeal with milk.
  • Snack: some almonds.
  • Lunch: Chicken breast with some grilled veggies and mashed potatoes, or you can replace it with some brown rice.
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon with sauteed veggies or a green salad.

The diet shouldn’t contain any processed food or sugar, and you should drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep your body well hydrated. It’s also important not to eat after 7 or 8 pm.

Ulzzang Workout

In order to lose weight and maintain your weight loss, you need to burn more calories than the number that you consume. You should also strengthen your muscles to give your body the desirable curvy shape.

  • Start with a warmup.
  • Do a 1-minute plank to strengthen your core.
  • Do a 1-minute mountain climber.
  • Do 20X squats to enhance the curviness of your bottom section.
  • Do 20X burpees and 20X lunges to build muscle endurance in your upper and lower body. Lunges also improve your motion range and posture.

How Long Will it Take to Achieve the Ulzzang body?

This depends on how you look in the before status and how devoted you are to your lifestyle change. Starving yourself won’t help you lose weight, and you won’t have an athletic look. This is why you need to have the right mindset and totally ditch all the bad eating habits, commit to an exercise program, and give your body time to transform.

Wrap Up

The ulzzang body is highly desirable, but it’s not impossible to achieve. It’s all about sticking to the right diet and exercise plan while taking care of your body to look your best.

Featured image source: Pinterest

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