What Does It Take To Become A Professional NBA Player?

by Anne B. Robinson

The road to becoming an NBA athlete is filled with obstacles and impactful events that can truly shape an aspiring prospect’s work ethic to compete at the top level. Yet, the rewards may so often outweigh the risks and its challenging pathway to success, making it all the more impressive that any individual can undertake such a starring role on an NBA roster.

There may be no more challenging professional sporting competition for any aspiring athlete to gain a contract with than the NBA, as there is a very small margin for error that all scouts and coaches will be quick to question, as well as the overall level of competition that the league is known for producing on a nightly basis.

To gain a greater understanding of the challenge that it takes for any prospect to become an NBA stalwart or even a college player, a study recorded during the 2020 NCAA season suggests that a recorded number of 540,769 male players were representing their high school throughout the campaign, yet only 18,816 would gain the opportunity to play at any collegiate program (which is only 3.5% of the total sum).

An even greater challenge is the pathway toward the NBA through college, as shockingly, only 1.2% of this sum of college players would successfully be drafted or signed to an NBA roster from their respected school.

There are many ways that an up-and-coming prospect can continue to raise their notoriety as a lively selection in the NBA Draft. Yet, there are certainly a number of risks and likely repercussions that can affect their progress to enter the league, which makes this an even greater challenge for any player to overcome.

Why is it so difficult to become an NBA player?

One of the main reasons why the NBA is such a difficult league to play professionally compared to other sporting leagues is the fact that basketball rosters are much smaller compared to other sports, which is also a key reason why the NBA only has two rounds for its annual draft compared to other leagues such as the NFL which has seven rounds.

Another reason is that the game is always evolving at a dramatic rate, with NBA scouts often being tasked with finding the best prospects that fit the way that the game is being played today, with an example being the importance of drafting a small ball lineup for the improvement of three-point shooting compared to the more archaic choice of recruiting big men.

The sport has evolved at a dramatic rate over the years, meaning that the product on the court has fluctuated in value at the same time as more teams look to scour out for the next top stars that can help elevate their squad to playoff contention, and even make an appearance in the latest NBA Championship odds on DraftKings Sportsbook.

What is the best way for prospects to gain notoriety

While having a great amount of skill and traits for their preferred position on the court is certainly key for success, most prospects may often fail to make it to the NBA for other external reasons that may stem away from their on-court production.

One of the best platforms available for any prospect is to play at the college level and receive a scholarship from any one of the top recruited programs in the college scene today.

Scouts may sometimes take an interest in lesser-known programs in order to gain more valuable insight into which names are developing into unknown NBA talents. Yet, the best way for any prospect to become more affiliated with scouts, the media, and fans of the game is to compete at the highest level of college basketball and for any program that has a chance to gain entry into the March Madness tournament.

What is a key mindset for any aspiring prospect?

Former and current basketball players have all endured their own unique passageway into the professional leagues at any level from various different nations and leagues of existence.

One of the best pieces of advice that any player can provide to a prospect is to always have a strong mentality as to what they want to strive to become in their professional career.

Having a killer motivation and a full amount of confidence in your own ability to succeed at the pros is a key aspect for any player that is striving to compete against the very best, as they will always encounter struggles during their pathway towards their active career trajectory. Yet, it is very important that any setback can be met with even more motivation to keep pushing forward toward the end goal.

Making a push towards the NBA is certainly way more of a marathon than a sprint, as there are various hurdles that are so often impacted throughout this journey. Still, if the mindset is present and there is certainly enough skill to compete at the top level, then there is every bit of a chance that any upcoming prospect could become an NBA regular in the coming years.

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