What Is The Best Intro Maker For YouTube?

by Anne B. Robinson

If you want to customize your YouTube content or create a branded intro video that draws attention to your company, you’ll need the appropriate tools for the job. There is a lot of different YouTube intro maker software available online that takes away the need to make an intro from scratch.

A professionally produced video intro can significantly improve a YouTube creator’s ability to stand out. To help you get started, we’ve researched 5 of the best tools to make your content more appealing.

Our Top YouTube Intro Makers

Following are some of the greatest programs that will help you make a captivating intro, even for the most demanding viewers.

1. Vista Create

Vista Create is one of the best tools if you like simple and classic YouTube intros more than refined and professional ones.

This is a platform for video creators appropriate for bloggers, small companies, and start-ups. Although not professional-grade, the quality is still decent. Using this program, making an introduction video is a simple process that involves selecting a design, modifying the text and logo, and downloading your finished product to share.


The Vista Create software is completely free and open for every person to use. There are additional premium features within the app that can be purchased for a few dollars, but other than that, the platform can be used at no charge to you.

2. Placeit

Envato, the world’s top digital asset marketplace, features the intro maker Placeit. It includes a library of more than 20,000 classified templates that you can customize and a huge selection of music files for your video’s soundtrack.

You may customize each template design with your company’s logo, slides, music, photos, and video. The interface of Placeit’s intro builder makes it easy for people with little or no editing experience to achieve great quality and results.


You cannot use this tool for free. It costs $9 for each project. Another available option is to pay $89.69 annually for full access to all of Placeit’s templates and unlimited downloads.

3. Biteable

Biteable has different templates you can use, depending on what kind of video intro you want to make and where you want to post it (for example, on YouTube or Instagram). The platform can also be used to make logos.


The Biteable free version has few features, a watermark, and no monthly downloads. You can get a subscription to their Plus plan, starting at $228 per year, to remove the watermark, access 85,000 Shutterstock clips, and download one HD-quality video every month.

4. Flixpress

Using the cloud-based tool Flixpress, you can make a YouTube intro in no time. Any device with live internet access can utilize this software. You can produce video previews with Flixpress and add royalty-free music from their vast audio library.

Flixpress is a feature-rich application that supports a variety of 3D elements, such as animated videos, pictures, text, and color. You’ll also have access to a vast collection of royalty-free stock videos.


The free edition of Flixpress has limited capabilities. There is a watermark, 15 templates, 360p video quality, and a limit of two minutes of video per month.

Paid plans range from $0.83 per month (for a personal plan) to $79.99 per month (for an enterprise plan). You get 1080p video quality, can erase the watermark, and have a sliding scale of limits and templates.


Offeo is a comprehensive online service with an easy-to-use UI for beginners. The templates offered are arranged by your industry or by categories like intros, outros, and logos.

You can edit the templates using 100K+ photos, 1000+ graphics, and 1000+ pieces of music with commercial licenses already included. In a flash, you’ll have a polished and professional video intro.


With the free plan, you can produce a 30-second video. Regarding asset accessibility, free users are not subject to any restrictions. Offeo’s free plan is fantastic because the videos aren’t watermarked, making it an excellent free YouTube video maker for your company.

Final Words

A strong introduction may do wonders for your brand’s promotion. Many marketers utilize YouTube intros to sell their companies and brands. Therefore, your introduction must be concise and eye-catching.

If you want to generate a usable intro without a watermark, none of the free intro makers are especially useful. However, OFFEO would be a superior choice if you had to choose. Although the free version has some restrictions, the overall layout and creative tools are highly appealing.

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