What You Need for the Bowhunting?

by Anne B. Robinson

So, today we will talk about a very interesting topic, about hunting, or be more precise, about hunting with a bow. Since we know that there were no special weapons, namely firearms for hunting. And primitive people, in order not to remain hungry, and order to make clothes for themselves went hunting for wild animals. And with this, they helped the bow.

At that time, the bow was one of the most basic weapons for killing animals. After all, with its help of it, it was possible to accurately hit the head of a predator, thereby immediately killing the ego. If you get directly into the brains of an animal, then it immediately dies without torment. The bow allowed you to shoot at a not-very-long distance, but gave you the ability to sometimes go unnoticed. If the animal can’t see you, then you can accurately aim and shoot at it, thereby not making yourself sweat a lot with the predator.

Well, in our time, there are lovers of hunting with a bow. And there are a lot of such people, because they are not interested in shooting from a rifle, they prefer the weapon with which our ancestors hunted. And if you are interested in bowhunting and you do not want to buy expensive hunting weapons, then now you will be interested.

After all, we will tell you in more detail about the basics of hunting with a bow, how to choose the right bow for yourself, and what equipment you will need for a good hunt. Well, we’ll start with the basics of hunting with a bow.

Bow hunting basics

Well, we won’t explain what a bow is to you, whoever is interested in this topic knows exactly what it is. So what is the bow made of? Namely the handle, shoulders, and bowstring. Everything is very simple and clear. But learning to shoot and also to hunt is not so easy. After all, even learning to shoot a rifle takes a lot of time.

Well, from the bow will take you even more time. You need to know that not all predators will fit a bow, and there are some animals for which a bow is not dangerous. You should hunt either small animals or young, not yet adults. For example, on small deer, roe deer, hares, young boars, and so on. Why do we say young, namely because for very large individuals, the arrow may not be fatal, or deadly but very long. And if you didn’t exactly hit the head, then the predator can run very far, and you most likely won’t find the ego.

In short, you need to understand that a bow will definitely not fit a bear, or even a large boar, it may not fit. If you don’t shoot correctly, he will run away and die a very painful death, and other predators will get it. Hunters do not need this; they need prey. Well, now we’ll talk about how to choose the right bow for yourself.

How to choose a bow?

If you want to buy a bow for hunting for the first time, then you need to know the characteristics of the bow, this is the first, and the second is the size. A beginner does not need the largest bow, because for a start, you need zeroing, so to speak, training. To do this, you need a not very large, and not even very expensive bow. After all, for the first hunt, you will most likely start hunting for small animals, for which you do not need to have a sufficiently powerful and huge bow.

But you also need to know that you don’t need a very small bow either. And all because it is not very convenient, and it will often be very difficult to shoot, especially for a beginner. In short, you’ll need a medium bow, which is great for the beginner bow hunter. Well, and most importantly, that bow is best for you, and it will be comfortable to shoot from the bow that you liked the most, to which you are drawn.

And even if you are told that it is better to choose another, then do not listen to anyone, buy the bow that you liked the most, because each person likes something different. But it is best to buy in such hunting stores where you can try to shoot from it, or even just hold it in your hands. Do not order from the Internet, because you may like it in the photo and in life, you will not like it at all. Well, now we’ll talk about the equipment for the bow.



Well, the most important thing is, if not strange, arrows. You need good sharp and not cheap arrows. After all, the better the arrow, the better the result of the shooting. And this is one of the most important needs in hunting.


For your bow, you need a good enough coverage that will protect the bow from dirt, and even from moisture, because there are different situations. A good sheath will protect your bowstring from deterioration and allow you to use it longer.


With new and fairly good bows, you can install a sight that will greatly improve your shooting accuracy. Often hunters, by setting up a scope for their bow, bring a lot more prey home.

In summary

So, today we talked about a very interesting topic, namely hunting with a bow. And we briefly told you the history of hunting with a bow, that our ancestors did not have firearms, and their main hunting weapon was a bow. We talked about what a beginner who wants to choose and buy his first bow needs to know. Well, what equipment and accessories you can buy for better hunting and what do you need to buy, we also told you.

Finally, please note that bowhunting must comply with the relevant local laws and regulations, and also pay attention to your own safety.

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